Daily Bible Verses | May 14 | Psalms 24 | Psalms 25 | Psalms 26 Psalms Teaches A Coward Supports Injustice
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Psalms 24:

The world and everything within it belongs to God.  Who shall rise to dwell with God in his holy place?  Who is clean and pure, and does not lie or deceive?  He is the one that is righteous and will be blessed to see God’s face.  Lift up your heads O’ gates and ancient doors, and let the glory of God come in.  You cannot harm or destroy people’s careers and lives to be rich or merely to keep a paycheck, and see God’s faceNot to speak up to save lives and interests is equivalent to turning the other cheek to save your paycheck or being among those doing the injustice. A coward support injustice through silence and inaction.

Psalms 25:

God, I trust in you and you will not shame me.  Teach me your path and your ways.  Have mercy on me and remember not the sins of my youth.  God is good and upright.  He instructs the sinners and teach the humble his ways.  Turn to me and protect me God, for my enemies are many.  The enemies of the righteous and the godly are always very many because he represents GodMajority of the people in the world belong to the evil system for alliances.  They hate God because God is against the wealth that they seek that destroys human lives.

Psalms 26:

God, try me, and you see that I am blameless for I have walked in your ways.  I do not mingle or associate with the evildoers, the wicked, hypocrites, and those who deceiveI wash my hands with innocence and tell the world your great deeds.  Do not sweep me away with sinners who take bribe, do evil, and are bloodthirsty.  I will walk in integrity and God should be gracious to me.

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