Daily Bible Verses | May 18 | Psalms 36 | Psalms 37 | Psalms 38 Psalms Teaches Never Envy the Success of the Godless
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Psalms 36:

Transgression is the joy of the wickedHe has no regards for God and believes that his iniquity is hiddenHis words are trouble and deceit, and he forbids doing good or acting wisely.  He even plots evil in his bed (a time to be at peace and to rest).  God, please do not let the evildoers or the wicked succeed over me.  They will fall and never rise.  Some of the benefits of being godly is to be credible, obtain wisdom, and be goodIt is not to be wealthy or rich.  With God’s wisdom, credibility, and goodness through the Holy Spirit, you could acquire both wealth and great health.  This leads to a peace of mind to serve God better.

Psalms 37:

Never fear or envy evildoers (those that use man-made laws to oppress others) because they shall soon wither like grass.  Just trust in God and follow his ways.  God laughs at the wicked because they plot for the upright, but their arrows shall be broken and their swords enter their hearts.  The salvation of the godly is from God and wicked shall be destroyed.  No matter the amount of success made by an evil, wicked, and powerful man, never envy himThis is because you will either see him or his children wither like grass before your very own eyes.  They usually fall and end in disgrace and dishonor.

Psalms 38:

God, do not discipline me in your anger.  My flesh has no soundness because of my sins and foolishness.  God, I cry to you because of my weakness, my friends stay away from me and my enemies lie in wait for me.  I am like the deaf and dumb, but I await God to fight for me.  It takes more energy and dedication to be godly than to be wickedHumans are naturally wicked and selfish, but with God’s help in your life, he teaches goodness, wisdom, and credibility.  It is easier to fail than to pass; all you have to do is nothing or follow others stupidly.  With discipline and constant dedication, success is assured.

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