Daily Bible Verses | May 2 | Job 30 | Job 31 | Job 32 Job Teaches God Controls Both Good and Evil (Satan)
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Job 30:

Job laments that even youths of lower status who where considered insignificant now use him as a byword.  Now they disrespect him as insignificant because God has humbled him.  He claims that God has turned him to dust and ashes, and his cry for help to God remains unanswered.  He seems to believe God deceived him because he claims despite all the good he had done for the needy, God gave him evil in return; he wanted light, but God have him darkness; and now his skin falls from him because of the sores.  Keep in mind that not once did Job blame Satan for his loss, but God onlyThis is because he believes that God is in control of all things and Satan can never succeed without God’s approval.

Job 31:

Job wonders if God does not see his blamelessness.  He even made a covenant not to look at women.  He demanded that God should judge him fairly if he had walked in deceit and slept with another’s wife.  If so, let him and his wife labor for another.  He also wants God to say if he ever eat his food alone, oppressed the poor, disappointed the widows, ignored the fatherless, or if he has rejoiced in the fall of his enemies.  If so, he accepts the punishment.

Job 32:

Elihu, fourth friend of Job, waited patiently to speak because the others were older than he was.  After listening to all of them, he was angry at Job for claiming to be blameless rather than God, as well as Job’s three friends for not responding to Job’s self-righteousness.  He claimed that it is the breadth of God that gives understanding and not necessary old ageHe insists that he will speak since wisdom has failed the older ones.

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