Daily Bible Verses | May 20 | Psalms 42 | Psalms 43 | Psalms 44 Psalms Teaches Rejection and Loss of Income is Not Defeat
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Psalms 42:

As deer is in search for water, so I search for God.  I pour out my soul to praise God again.  My soul is down with sadness so I call on God to be my rock.  I mourn because my enemies taunt me, but I hope in God because I shall praise him again. Always praise God when your soul is down for he is the everlasting redeemer

Psalms 43:

God vindicate me from people who are ungodly, unjust, and deceitful.  Why has God forsaken me to be oppressed by the wicked.  God should send out his truth and light to lead me to God’s hill where I can worship and praise God.  When people are against you at your work, business, school, or social life, always praise God because you will always be victorious even if you have to accept a temporary separation to be in a better place.

Psalms 44:

We have heard of the glory and wonders of God from those who came into the world before us and how God prospered, delivered, and sustained them.  God has now rejected and disgraced us.  God has now allowed the wicked to mock us and have given the spoils to the enemies.  Despite this neglect, we have follower God and not gone after other gods.  God has allowed us to be scattered like sheep in the shadow of death, but we still move in God’s name only.  Wake up and arise God.  For the sake of your steadfast love, you cannot forget or ignore our affliction, oppression, and bondage.  The ways of God is not the ways of manThe descendants of the slaves will get their reparation, but they must come back to God and repentGod never sleeps, but he may be slow.  The wicked shall fall and paid for their iniquity no matter how long it takes.

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