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Psalms 57:

Have mercy on me God when I cry out and from heaven you will send down your love to save me.  May God be praised.  My enemies set nets and traps for me, but they fall into them.  My heart is steadfast on God and I will give God praises with music.  Focus on God and ask God to let the wicked who want you to lose your life, work, joy, or income to lose theirs instead.

Psalms 58:

Do gods really degree what is right and care for the godly?  They actually do wrong and place violence on the earth.  The wicked are cursed from the womb and went astray at birth telling liesGod, break their teeth, tear out their fangs, let their arrows be blunt, and like stillborns may they never see the sunThe godly will rejoice to see God’s vengeance on the wicked and wash their feet with their blood.  God has reward for the godly and he judges the earth.  The wicked uses wealth, fame, and fear of being different to deceive the world for his god – Satan.  Join them against God and perish with them.

Psalms 59:

God deliver me from bloodthirsty men who plot evil and are wicked.  Despite finding no transgression against me, they plot and try to kill meThey talk loudly in their city like no one hears them, but God just laughs at them.  God, let them get trapped in their pride and run around like dogs that have never been filled with food.  I will praise God for his steadfast love.  The wicked and godless plan in vain for Satan against the godly.  Just report them to God and pray against them.

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