Daily Bible Verses | May 30 | Psalms 72 | Psalms 73 | Psalms 74 Psalms Teaches Prosperity is Contentment Not Wealth
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Psalms 72:

God, give your justice to the king (Solomon).  May he deliver and defend the cause of the poor and needyMay he crush the oppressors.  May his days flourish and be peaceful.   May he have dominion from sea to sea and other kings bow down to him.  May his reign be prosperous.  So prosperity is neither wealth or money in the eyes of God, but rather, contentment or without lackThe poor and needy are not penniless, they are only powerless against the legal domination of the wicked.

Psalms 73:

God is good to the pure in heart.  I was actually envious of the wealth of the wicked and the arrogantThe wicked seems to be above the law, have whatever they need, they increase in riches, are fat and sleek, and wear pride as a necklaceThey speak against heaven and the people turn to them and find no fault with them.  The wicked ask how God knows and if God has any knowledge.  God sets the wicked on slippery places where they eventually fall to their ruin.  I will hold on to God in heaven because I desire nothing on earth.  Those far from God shall perish.  So it is the peace of mind to serve God outside the realm of lack that is prosperity and not earthly possessions to subdue lack.

Psalms 74:

God, why have you forsaken us and ignored the signs of your enemies.  We neither see our signs nor your prophets.  When is God going to make things right in our favorGod, stand up and deliver the poor and needy.  I still believe in your covenant and you will deal with those who continually rise against you.  God delivers the poor and needy not because they need money or food, but rather, because God does not want them to worry about the oppression and deceit of the wealthy to keep them from worshipping him.

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