Daily Bible Verses | May 4 | Job 36 | Job 37 | Job 38 Job Teaches Never Envy the Rich and Powerful
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Job 36:

Elihu says that God is just and does not keep the wicked alive.  He says that if you follow God you will prosper, but if you do not, then you face the sword and destruction.  He claims that God punishes the wicked, but they do not cry out; they die young and die as prostitutes (they rot for money).  This is so true.  We envy the rich but we do not know what they go through to keep their slaves or ill gotten moneyMany of their homes are filled with sickness, hatred, and distrust, but we never know because they cover it up with material wealth.  No one can understand or judge God because he is too mighty.

Job 37:

Elihu goes on to magnify God as majestic and magnificent.

Job 38:

God answers Job out of a whirlwind and demands to know who Job was to question him.  He also wanted to know if Job was there when he laid the foundations of the world, put the sun and stars in its place, or anything else in nature.

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