Daily Bible Verses | May 6 | Job 42 | Psalms 1 | Psalms 2 Psalms Teaches God Is Not A Capitalist
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Job 42:

After listening to God, Job repents for speaking without understanding.  God also told Job’s 3 friends, who basically told Job that God was punishing him for his wickedness to repent, offer sacrifice to him, and ask Job to pray for themGod clearly states that Job was right and his friends were wrong, and that he will answer Job’s prayer on their behalfSo God agrees with Job that God is the originator of everything, good people have misfortune, not everyone who suffers did something bad, and that the wicked does suffer and pay for their action after a while in silence.  The only thing that Job did wrong was to question God’s decision against him.  So even in bad times, praise God for only God is in control.  God then blessed Job and gave him back twice as much as he lost initially.  God blessed him with children, animals, money, and precious metals.  He died at 140 years and saw his descendants to the 4th generation.  What a great life and story!!!

Psalms 1:

Blessed is the man who walks with God, lives the law of God, and meditates on God’s word rather than to walk with sinners and join the wicked.  He is like a fruitful tree planted by the water side to flourish, unlike the wicked that vanishes with time and shall always perish.  Do not be deceived by the apparent success and glory of the wicked because they cry in pain in privateDo not let their money, clothes, or houses lead you astray to follow their ways and unjust laws, because if you are wise, patient, and observant, you will always see them fall shamefully even through the lives of their children (Madoff, the Jewish investor criminal, is in jail and his son committed suicide because of the pressure of it). 

Psalms 2:

Why do the nations and leaders of the world plot and wage war in vain against the will of God and the followers of God?  They make God laugh at their stupidity, because he has set his king (Jesus) in Zion.  God wants you to follow him and he would make the nations and the earth your possessions.  It will be wise for all the rulers of the world to acknowledge God and take refuge in him.  So the ruler of the world disregard God because of GREED or CAPITALISMIt order to control and maximize profit and earthly wealth, you must conquer, oppress, and make unjust laws to sustain that profit and wealthCapitalism is lacking God and moral for nature and human benefit, which is replaced with the need of using money to control others and be their god.  God is more of a SOCIALIST, which is a shared ownership of land, production, and distribution of goods between government and peoples.  If this concept is extended among nations, then wars and unjust treaties of enslavement based on discrimination will be reduced or eliminated.

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