Daily Bible Verses | October 1 | Zechariah 11 | Zechariah 12 | Zechariah 13 Zechariah Teaches God Favors Judah Not Israel
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 Zechariah 11:

God tells Lebanon to open its doors so that fire can consume it.  The flock marked for slaughter are killed by the shepherd.  The shepherd go unpunished, won’t even spare their flock, and thank God that they are rich.  God will not longer have pity on them and will hand them over to their king and neighbors to be oppressed.  So God has pity on evildoers with the hope that they repent. So God then pastures the flock marked for slaughter, especially the oppressed.  God got rid of the three shepherds and had two staffs (shepherd’s stick) called Favor and Union. The flock detested God, so God left them alone to die, perish, or eat each other. God broke his staff called Favor to break the covenant God made with the nations and God demanded his pay and was given 30 pieces of silverThen God told Zechariah to throw the money into the potter’s house.  God then broken the second staff called Union, which ended the brotherhood between Judah and Israel (God followed Judah not Israel). Then God asked Zechariah to trash the staffs and God was going to give the sheep a nonchalant and mean shepherd for rejecting God.

Zechariah 12:

God declares that Judah and Jerusalem will be besieged by all nations, but God will make Judah an immovable rock.  All who try to move Judah will injure themselves, all their instruments of war will be paralyzed, and all the leaders of Judah will say God is their God. God will empower the leaders of Judah (not Israel) to overpower all oppositions around and Jerusalem will remain intactGod will save the dwelling of Judah first, so that the honor of David and Jerusalem will not be greater than the rest of Judah (Jerusalem may be the capital, but to God, all of Judah is equal). God will give the house of David and Jerusalem a spirit of grace and supplication, and they will look on to God, the one they had pierced, like they have lost an only child (re-dedication to God).  

Zechariah 13:

On that day, God will provide a fountain for Jerusalem to cleanse them off their sins and impurity. The names of idols will forever be banished beyond remembrance, and anyone who still prophesizes lies in God’s name will be killed by his own parents. Even prophets will be ashamed to put on their uniforms, claim they have other occupations, and lie about their injuries. God wants a sword to destroy two-thirds of the population and a third will be tested through fireThis thrid will be my people and I will be their God

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