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 Matthew 20:

Jesus says that heaven is fair and just.  It is like a man hiring workers at different hours of the day and pays each of them a day’s wage. The workers who worked longer hours expected more pay, but the man explained that the pay for each one is for one day of work. The mother of Zebedee brothers (James & John) asked Jesus if her sons can be on the right and left of him in heaven.  Jesus asked the brothers if they can drink from his cup and they replied positively, but Jesus said that it was God’s decision to make. This made the other disciples upset, but Jesus told them that to be great and first in heaven, you had to first be a servant and slave on earth. Jesus claims that he came to serve and be sacrificed for many.  Two blind men called Jesus the “Son of David” and he healed them.     

Matthew 21:

As Jesus approached Jerusalem from Israel, he told two disciples to go into the village to get a donkey and her colt. They are also to inform anyone that inquire that the Lord needs them and they will be permitted to take it. Jesus rode on them into Jerusalem in Judah with people putting clothes and leaves on the ground to walk upon. When Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey and people heard the shouts after him, people wanted to know who Jesus was, and they called him a Prophet from Nazareth in Galilee (nation of Israel, not Judah). Jesus enters the temple and throw away the money of the traders in the churchJesus claims that the church is a place of prayer to God and not a den of robbers after money.  He healed many and even the children started praising him, which offended the chief priest & teachers of the law. Jesus asked the people who did the father’s will between two sons.  Was it the one that initially refused but did the work, or the one that agreed, but did not work. People replied that it was the first, so Jesus explains that prostitutes and tax collectors will enter heaven before them because they believed in John the Baptist and Jesus. Jesus talks about the owner of a vineyard hiring tenant to work the land, but when it was harvest time, they killed his servants and son because they did not want to share the harvest with the owner. He then told the chief priest and Pharisees how God would reject them in heaven.                         

Matthew 22:

Jesus told a parable of a king who invited guests to his son’s wedding, but they all had excuses for not showing up. Instead they beat and killed the servants that were sent to call them to the party. So the king got angry and destroyed them. The king then invited those that did not deserve to attend, but throw a man out who was not dressed for the occasion. This is what God and heaven is like.  Many will be called, but few are chosen. The Pharisees and workers of Herod came to Jesus to trap him.  They praised Jesus’ integrity in God and truth, but wanted to know if taxes should be paid to Caesar. Jesus called them hypocrites who were trying to trap him. Jesus told them to give to Caesar what belonged to Caesar and to God what belongs to God because Caesar’s inscription was on the coin used to pay taxes. The Sadducees, who did not believe in resurrection, also came to test Jesus.  Since Moses said that the brother of the dead must marry his widow to have children for him if they were childless, the Sadducees wanted to know which of the seven brothers will have her as wife at resurrection if they all married her without children. Jesus then replied that at the resurrection in heaven, we will be like angels and there will be no marriage. Jesus said that God is for the living, not the dead. Jesus also said that loving God and your neighbor was the greatest commandment in the law because it summarizes all the Law and the prophets. The Pharisee said that the Christ was the son of David, but Jesus asked why did David call the Christ “Lord” if Christ was his son – Christ is son of God.

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