Daily Bible Verses | October 11 | Matthew 23 | Matthew 24 | Matthew 25 Matthew Teaches God is Justice, Not Money for Tithing
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 Matthew 23:

Jesus says that the people should listen to the Pharisees and teachers of the law because they teach of Moses, but they should not do what they do because they are hypocrites. Like many pastors of today, they like men to worship them publicly and they want the best places at social functions. The title of “teacher” belongs only to Jesus and title of “father” belongs only to God in heaven, not anyone on earth (except your earthly father). Jesus further explains that those who embrace humility are the greatest and exalted to God. Jesus says to them that they prevent others from entering heaven and they make people swear by gold on the temple and gifts on the altar, but not the temple or altar itself (money above God). They focus on tithing, but not the fight for justice, mercy, and faithfulness. They look good on the outside, but inside is filled with death, wickedness, greed, & selfishness. Descendants of the wicked inherit their sins and will pay for all innocent blood.  Jerusalem will have no peace until Jesus’ second coming.

Matthew 24:

Jesus told the disciples that the temple will be destroyed & they should watch out for false prophets, wars, famine, and earthquakes. Many nations will hate Jesus and his followers as well as prosecute and murder them. Many will reject Jesus and be deceived by many (for prosperity doctrine & money). Wickedness and coldness will increase, but only those who hold on to God will be saved. The end of time will not come, until the whole world has heard about the kingdom of God and the entire world dominated by great distress never seen before. The world will see Jesus on the cloud with his angels and they will mourn. The children of God will be selected, but no one knows the end of time (including Jesus & the angels), only God. When the Son of Man (Jesus – Son of God) returns, people will be separated in the rapture of God’s children.                            

Matthew 25:

In the last days, the kingdom of God will be like ten virgins who took lamps to see the bridegroom, but five were wise and the others foolish. The foolish took only lamps, but the wise took extra oil with their lamps because they were determined to see the bridegroom. The bridegroom was very late, but when the bridegroom was arriving, the foolish ones’ lamps went out and the wise ones refused to share their oil because it may not be enough. So the foolish ones went out to buy oil for their lamps and the door of the wedding banquet shut when the bridegroom arrived. It is better to be alone than be found in the gathering of the foolish. A man went on a journey and assigned his property to his servants according to their ability.  He gave one 5 talents, another 2 talents, and the last just one talent. They all doubled their talents except the last one, who hid his master’s talent in the ground. The master returned and reward the two servants that doubled their talent, but the one with one talent gave back the only one talent because he did not want to multiply his master’s money. So the master throw him out and gave his talent to those who can double it. Jesus will separate the sheep from the goats and embrace the sheep for God’s kingdom, but reject the goats. The sheep are those who care for the hungry, needy, immigrants, poor, sick, & unjustly imprisoned – Speaking up for justice and fairness eradicates the needy because they can fend for themselves with fairer laws.

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