Daily Bible Verses | October 12 | Matthew 26 | Matthew 27 | Matthew 28 Matthew Teaches Jews Killed Jesus, Not Romans
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 Matthew 26:

Jesus tells his disciples that the Passover is in two days and he would be crucified. The chief priests and elders of the Jews began to plot to kill Jesus, but were scared that the people will revolt if done during the feast. A woman anointed Jesus’ head with expensive perfume in an alabaster jar, which the disciples thought could be sold to cater to the poor. Jesus then rebuked his disciples because the poor will always be here, but not Jesus. Jesus also explained that she was preparing his body for burial and she will always be remembered for her action wherever the gospel of God is preached in the world. Judas then went to the chief priest to betray Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. on the first day of the feast, Jesus then sent his disciples to a man, who’s house will be used for Passover. That evening while they ate, Jesus reviled Judas as his betrayer, and he also taught them the Holy Communion (to eat bread as Jesus’s body and drink wine for his blood). Jesus told them that they will all forsake him tonight, he will go ahead of them to Galilee after resurrection (die in Jerusalem in Judah and return to Galilee in Israel after resurrection), and Peter will deny him thrice before the cock crows. Jesus is betrayed by Judas with a kiss and is arrested. Jesus declares that he is the Son of God before the high priest, teachers of the law, and elders, while Peter denied Jesus three times as Jesus stated earlier.    

Matthew 27:

Jesus was sentenced to death by the chief priests and elders of the Jews, and was taken to Governor Pilate for sentencing. Judas hung himself after he confessed to the chief priests and Jewish elders that Jesus was innocent, but they rejected his confession and refused to take back their money So the Jews were the ones who paid Judas to betray Jesus not the Romans as portrayed in documentaries. Judas then throw the money into God’s temple and left to kill himself. The chief priests took the money to bury a burial ground for foreigners because the law refused that they put “blood money” in the treasury of God as Jeremiah had prophesized. Jesus stood before the governor and told him that he was the King of the Jews, but refused to answer any of the charges against him by the Jewish leaders. Pilate usually had a feast to release a prisoner chosen by the crowd, but the Jewish leaders persuaded the crowd to have Jesus executed instead of a notorious criminal named Barabbas. The Governor’s wife sent a message to the governor not to have a hand in Jesus’ death because he was innocent. Pilate asked the crowd what to do with Jesus, and they shouted to crucify himSo Pilate washed his hands in the presence of the crowd and told them that the death of Jesus is on them, but the Jewish crowd accepted it and wanted Jesus’ blood on themselves and their children. Jesus was crucified and the Jewish leaders called him the “King of Israel” and not the “King of the Jews” as Jesus told Pilate he was. A centurion testified that Jesus was the Son of God. Jesus died and was buried.

Matthew 28:

First day of the week after the Sabbath, Mary Magdalene and another Mary went to Jesus’ tomb. An angel came down from heaven to roll the stone that covered the tomb away. The angel told the women that Jesus had risen and they should go tell his disciples that he is going ahead of them to Galilee (in Israel). Jesus meet the women on their way and told them to tell his brothers (disciples) to meet him in Galilee. The Roman guards saw the angel and were afraid. They also witness Jesus’ resurrection and ran into the city to report what they had witnessed to the chief priestsThe chief priests and the Jewish elders decided to bribe the guards with money to lie that the disciples came at night when they were sleeping to steal Jesus’ body. The guards did this and the Jews have accepted this story to this day. The eleven disciples then went to the mountain Jesus had told them to go and they met Jesus there.  Jesus told them that all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to him and that they should make disciples of all nations and baptize them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

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