Daily Bible Verses | October 14 | Mark 4 | Mark 5 | Mark 6 Mark Teaches Evil Spirits Testified Publicly That Jesus Was Messiah
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 Mark 4:

Jesus said a farmer sowed some seeds but some fell on the path, and birds ate them.  Others fell on rocky soil; they grew, but got dried out by the sun because their roots were shallow. A few fell on soils with thorns, which grew, but the thorns overtook them and they yielded no grain. The rest fell on good soil and yielded abundant harvest. The seeds are the Word of God and those that fell on the path are people who hear God’s Word but Satan steals it immediately. Those on rocky soil are the one that gladly receive the word, but reject it because of persecution against the Word, such as inability to work, make money, or join groups because of their faithThose that fell on thorns receive the Word, but need for money, opportunity, to join favored groups, or associate with popular people makes them unfruitful. Those on good soil receive the Word and are fruitful because of it. Jesus teaches that whatever is hidden will be revealed and those that have will be given more, but those that do not, even what they had will be taken away. He says that the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed, which is the smallest of all planted seeds, but grows to be the biggest of all garden plants that provides shade for birds. Jesus also commanded the wind and the waves to stop.

Mark 5:

A demon possessed man that lived among the tombs came to meet Jesus. No one could bind him anymore because he now broke the chains to free himself, and he would cry out day and night as well as cut himself with stones. This man had many spirits within him.  The evil spirits in him acknowledge that Jesus was the Son of God and begged that Jesus should send the into the pigs rather than drive them out of the area. Jesus granted their request, but about 2,000 pigs drowned themselves as soon as the spirits entered them. The people begged Jesus to leave their town because of what happened. The healed man wanted to go with Jesus, but Jesus told him to go tell his people what God had done for him. Jesus healed a woman that had a bleeding problem for 12 years because she touched Jesus’ clothes and Jesus raised a 12 year-old girl from death.   

Mark 6:

Jesus went to his home town and people were amazed at his teaching and miracles. They were jealous at his wisdom because they knew his family well and did not expect much from Jesus. Jesus then told them that a prophet has no honor in his hometown and Jesus did not do much in Nazareth because of their lack of faith in him (familiarity breeds contempt). Jesus sent his 12 disciples out in pairs, told them to only wear sandals and clothes with nothing extra, and they were to preach repentance, drive out demons, and heal the sick. King Herod thought Jesus was the resurrected John the Baptist he had beheaded because Jesus was now very popular. Herodias, former sister-in-law, but now wife of Herod, wanted John dead because John claimed that their marriage was illegal. Herod one day told Herodias’ daughter that he would grant her request publicly and Herodias made her demand the head of John. Herod enjoyed listening to John while he was arrested, so he was in great distress when he had to behead him. Jesus feed 5,000 men with five loaves of bread and two fishes, which is equal to eight months of a workers wage.

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