Daily Bible Verses | October 16 | Mark 10 | Mark 11 | Mark 12 Mark Teaches Jesus Addressed Homosexuality
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 Mark 10:

Jesus then went to Judea in Judah and taught the people, but the Pharisees came to test him by asking if it was lawful to divorce because Moses allowed it. Jesus told them that Moses wrote that law because they had a hard heart. Jesus insists that God never wanted divorce or separation since the beginning of time because ONLY male and female (no homosexuality) were supposed to live together as one flesh under God and no human should separate them. Jesus says to divorce and marry another is to commit adultery and taught the disciples that the kingdom of God belongs to children (innocence) because of how they receive God. A rich man ran to Jesus demanding what else he needed to get eternal life because he has observed the law since childhood. Jesus then told him to sell all he had to give the poor in order to create treasures in heaven, and then follow Jesus. The man went away very sad because he could not give up his great wealth, and Jesus then said it will be hard for the rich to make heaven. On their way to Jerusalem, Jesus predicted his death again to his disciples. James and John asked Jesus if they could sit next to Jesus in heaven and said they could handle Jesus’ drink and baptism as well. Jesus agreed with the latter, but only God can grant who sits next to Jesus. Jesus teaches that the first must be last and the greatest must serve. Jesus healed blind Bartimaeus that called him, “Son of David”.

Mark 11:

Jesus sent two disciples into Jerusalem to get a colt no one had ever ridden and to say when asked that the Lord needs it. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a colt with people placing their clothes as well as leave on its path and shouting Hosanna while blessing God and David. Jesus was hungry and cursed a fig tree that had no fruits, despite the fact that it was not its season to produce. Jesus entered the temple and began to throw down money changers’ table, benches of those selling doves, and prevented people from carrying goods through the temple courts. So Jesus was affecting the Passover income of the chief priests and taxes to Rome. The disciples saw that the fig tree Jesus had cursed dried up, so Jesus told them that with faith whatever you ask for will be granted by God as long as you believe that you have received it and have forgiven everyone. As Jesus was walking to the temple, the chief priests, Jewish elders, and teachers of the law came to him and wanted to know by what authority Jesus did these things. So Jesus asked them if John’s baptism was from heaven or from men? They said they did not know because if it was from heaven why did they not believe John, and if it is from men, the people who felt John was a prophet will revolt (during Passover). So Jesus also said that he will not say by what authority he does things.    

Mark 12:

Jesus told the people a parable about a man who rented his vine yard to some farmers and traveled. At harvest time, the owner sent his servants to go get his share of the harvest, but the farmers beat and killed some of them. So the owner now sent his son because he felt that they would respect him, but they killed him too. Jesus then said that the owner will kill and deal with those farmers, so the Pharisee and Jewish elders left because they knew that the parable was against them. They retuned to Jesus with praises for his integrity and wanted Jesus to tell them if it was lawful to pay taxes to Caesar (a trap to turn Rome against Jesus). Jesus then asked whose image was on the coin and they said it was Caesar’s, so Jesus concluded that both God and Caesar should get what is theirs. Sadducees, who did not believe in resurrection, asked Jesus which of the 7 brothers will have a woman as wife in the resurrection since Moses said that a brother must marry his brother’s widow to make a baby for him, but none did after each married that woman. Jesus told them that they neither understood scripture nor the power of God because the dead will rise like angels and there will be no marriage. He also said that God was for the living and not the dead. Jesus tells them that to love God and your neighbor was the greatest commandment. Jesus shows that David called the Christ “Lord”, so Christ can not be the Son of David. Also, Jesus points out that the poor widow who gave more based on her lack gave the most.   

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