Daily Bible Verses | October 17 | Mark 13 | Mark 14 | Mark 15 Mark Teaches Jews Called Jesus King of Israel, Not Jews
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 Mark 13:

Jesus tells the disciples that at the end of times not a stone of the temple will remain, but they wanted to know the signs of end. Jesus told them to watch for false prophets, wars, earthquakes, and famines. Also, followers of Jesus will be persecuted before kings, governors, and local leaders as my witnesses. They should not worry about what to say because the Holy Spirit will speak through them and family members will turn against each other at the time. When you see abomination where it does not belong, then the distressful days have begun, and people will see Jesus on the clouds in power and glory. Jesus will send the angels to gather the chosen ones and no one knows what hour that will take place.

Mark 14:

Two days to the Passover, a woman came to Jesus and anointed his head with expensive perfume in an alabaster jar, which she broke. Many rebuked her harshly because the value of the perfume was one’s salary for a year and could have been given to the poor. Jesus spoke up for her and said that she was preparing him for burial.  Jesus insisted that the poor will always be around, but not him, and she will always be remembered for her action wherever the gospel is preached. Judas went to the chief priest to betray Jesus for money. Jesus asked his disciples to enter the city to prepare a room for Passover. That evening during dinner, Jesus reviles to the disciples that Judas, who was eating from the same dish as him, would betray him. Jesus also gave them bread as his body and cup of wine as his blood, and he told them that it was his last drink of wine until he gets to God’s kingdom.  Jesus told them that they will forsake him, he will meet them in Galilee after resurrection, and Peter would deny him 3 times tonight before the rooster crows twice. Jesus is arrested, tried by the chief priests, and Peter denies Jesus 3 times before the rooster crowed twice.   

Mark 15:

The chief priests, Jewish elders, and teachers of the law found Jesus guilty and handed him over to Pilate, Roman Governor of Judea. Jesus told Pilate that he was the king of the Jews, but answer no other questions. The Jewish people then asked Pilate to offer them the opportunity to release a prisoner like he does annually in his feast. So the Jews shouted that Barabbas, a murderer, be released instead of Jesus. The Roman soldiers tortured Jesus severely and put the notice of his charge as “The King of the Jews”, but the chief priests and teachers of the law called him “King of Israel” (because Jesus lived Nazareth in Galilee in Israel, not Judah). Jesus died and Pilate gave the body to Joseph of Arimathea for burial.

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