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 Zechariah 14:

Judgment is coming to Judah, where God will send all the nations to Jerusalem to capture it, rape the women, send half the people into exile, and the other half will remain.  Then God will battle the other nations, separate the mountains, while his people will flee through the valley created (so God allows some pain before he intervenes).  On that day, there will be no light, cold, frost, morning, evening, day, or night.  God will make living water flow out of Jerusalem and God will be the only God.  Jerusalem will be raised to be secure.  The nations that fight Jerusalem will have rot in the skin, eyes, feet, and Judah will fight to collect all the wealth and treasures of the surrounding nationsAfter the war, the survivors of the other nations will now start going to Jerusalem to worship God and to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles.  Those that refuse will have no rain.  HOLY TO THE LORD will be inscribed on everything in God’s house and there will no longer be merchants in God’s house (people caring for each other and praising God, rather than making money).

Malachi 1:

God sent Malachi to all of Israel (Israel and Judah).  The people wondered how God has shown them love and God says that God loved their father, Jacob, and hated their uncle, Esau.  In fact, God turned the mountains of Esau into a desert, but Edom (Esau’s son) will always try to rebuild its ruins, but God will always destroy it.  God asks that if he is a father and master to Israel, where is the honor or respect due him?  God places the blame on the priest (pastors) because they belittle God to the people through their actions of placing defiled food on God’s altar, as well as offering animals that are blind or sick that cannot even be offered to the governorSome shut the temple door so that people will not know that they did not light the fire by the altar (doing their job half-heartedly).  God insist that his name will be great among the nations and they will bring God clean incense and pure offering. 

Malachi 2:

God was going to send a curse on the priests if they do not honor God.  God was going to cut of the priest and their descendants.  They and their offerings will be carried away.  God insist that he will maintain his covenant of life and peace with Levi (tribe of the priests as well as Moses and Aaron) because Levi reverence and revered God, provided true instructions, no falsehood on his lips, as well as walked with God in peace, uprightness, and turned from sin.  The priest violated the covenant of Levi so God will humiliate them in front of the people. Judah does detestable things by desecrating God’s sanctuary and marry daughters of foreign gods.  These violators should be cut off from Jacob. They flood God’s house with tears because God is rejecting their offerings, but God is bearing witness against them for breaking the marriage covenant because God hates divorce and a man violence to his wife. They have worn God out with their prayers because they seek God but the are doing evil.

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

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