Daily Bible Verses | October 20 | Luke 6 | Luke 7 | Luke 8 Luke Teaches Jesus Says Wealthy Causes Poverty and Misery
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 Luke 6:

Jesus and the disciple took some grain on a Sabbath and ate them, but some Pharisees felt they were doing work on a Sabbath. Jesus reminded them that David and his men ate consecrated bread legally for only priests and Jesus was the Lord of the Sabbath. On another Sabbath, the Pharisees and teachers of the law watched to see if Jesus would heal on a Sabbath in order to accuse him, but Jesus went ahead and healed the man with disabled hand. Jesus taught and healed many. Jesus taught that the poor will get the kingdom of God; the hungry will be satisfied; those who cry will laugh; and those rejected because of Christ should rejoice because their reward is in heaven. Jesus cursed the rich because they already have their comfort; the full will be hungry, those who laugh will weep; and woe to the praised because that is how they treated the false prophets. So it is the wealthy that causes poverty and misery. Jesus wants us to pray for our enemies, do good to them, give to those who ask, and never demand what was forcefully taken from you. Do not judge or condemn others so that it will not happen to you and always forgive to be forgiven. Each tree is known by the quality of its fruits. The wise builds on solid foundation, but the unwise builds on sand.

Luke 7:

A Roman centurion had a valuable servant that was dying, so he sent some Jewish elders to Jesus to get Jesus and they pleaded with Jesus because the centurion help to build the synagogue. As Jesus was close to the house, the centurion asked Jesus not come to the house, but rather command the healing and it will be done. Jesus was amazed at the centurion’s faith and the servant was healed. Jesus raises the only son of a widow from death and witnesses proclaimed that God had come to help his people. Jesus’ reputation grew far and wide, so John sent two of his disciples to Jesus to ask if he was the Christ or they should expect another. Jesus sent them back to John to say what they had witnessed about healing of sight, lame, leprosy, deaf, raising the dead, and preaching the good news to the poor. Jesus told the crowd after the visitors left that John was more than a prophet, no man is greater than John, but John is less than the least in heaven. Jesus claimed that the people said John had a demon because he did not eat bread or drink wine, but they call him a glutton and drunk that mingles with sinners. A sinful woman came into a Pharisee’s house to anoint Jesus’ feet with expensive perfume in an alabaster jar.  The Pharisee wondered if Jesus was a prophet that he could not see who was touching him, but Jesus said that her many sins were forgiven because she had loved much.    

Luke 8:

Jesus and the disciples went around the place preaching the good news and Mary Magdalene (cured of 7 demons) and other women financed Jesus’ mission. Jesus told a parable of a farmer who sowed his seeds. Some fell on the path and were eaten by birds. Other fell on rocky soil and the grew, but dried out because they had little soil. Many fell on thorns, which grew with the seeds, but overcame them. The rest fell on good soil and gave a bountiful harvest. Seeds on the path are those who hear God’s words and the devil steals it so that they will not be saved. Those on the rocks hear the word, but fall away when their faith is tested by need to advanceThose in the thorns are those that grow in the word, but fall away because of the pursuit of money and pleasure. Those on good soil hears the word and grows to maturity. Jesus teaches that everything done or hidden shall be exposed by light and that more will be given those that have and those than have none will lose what they have. Jesus says that his family are not the biological ones, but those who hear and do God’s word. Jesus calms the storm, healed the demon possessed (demons called him Son of God), healed a woman who bleed for 12 years when she touched his clothes, and raised a girl from death.

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