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 Luke 9:

Jesus send the disciples out to preach God’s word, drive out demons, heal the sick, & to take nothing with them on the trip except their clothes and sandals. They are to stay in the town and eat whatever is provided. Herod became worried about who Jesus was because Jesus got really popular. Jesus feed 5,000 men with 5 loaves of bread and two fishes and had 12 baskets of leftovers. Peter says Jesus is the Christ and Jesus tells the disciples that the Jewish elders, chief priests, and teachers of the law will put him to death, but he will rise in 3 days. Jesus says his followers must be prepared to lose their life for him and those who rejects him, Jesus will also reject before God and the holy angels. Jesus transfigured before Peter, James, and John with Elijah and Moses present. Jesus heals a boy with evil spirit because his disciples could not. Jesus says that the least or those who serve innocently and humbly are the greatest. He also says that those that are not against you are for you because the disciples tried to stop a man from driving out demons in Jesus’ name. The Samaritans (people of Samaria, Capital of Israel) rejected Jesus because he was heading to Jerusalem (Capital of the Jews in Judah). Jesus prevented the disciples from calling fire from heaven to destroy them. Jesus says his disciples have no resting place, preaches God without distractions, and always looks forward regardless

Luke 10:

Jesus sent 72 other disciples ahead of him to harvest for God, but they were not allowed to extra food or clothing. They were also instructed not to greet people on the way and they are to stay in one house at a location as well as eat whatever is given to them. They are to enter a town to heal the sick and tell them the kingdom of God is near, but shake off the dust against any town that rejects them. Jesus claimed that he saw Jesus fall from heaven and has given the disciples power over Satan, snakes, and scorpions. The disciples are to rejoice that their names are written in heaven and not over their conquest of demonic spirits. Jesus full of joy in the Holy Spirit praised God his Father for keeping the revealed truth for His children from the learned and wise, as well as committing all things to Jesus the Son because only the father and son knows each other. An expert of the law wanted to know who his neighbor was since the law said that we should love God and our neighbor to have eternal life. Jesus said that a man traveled down from Jerusalem (north of Judah) to Jericho (south of Israel) and was attacked by robbers, who stole everything and left him half dead. Both the priest and Levite ignored him, but the Samaritan saved his life and took care of him. So the expert of the law agreed that the good Samaritan was the neighbor. Jesus told Martha that her sister, Mary, chose to listen to God’s words rather than preparing food and Mary’s choice was better than hers.       

Luke 11:

Jesus taught the disciples the Lord’s Prayer where it calls on God and God’s kingdom, seeks daily bread instead of wealth, request for forgiveness from God as we forgive others, and pray against temptation. Jesus also expects us to ask God anything with faith, belief, and BOLDNESS. Jesus assures that all who ask shall receive from God, even gift of the Holy Spirit, like earthly fathers giving good gifts to their children. People accused Jesus of driving demons out with the prince of demons, but Jesus told them that a house divided against itself cannot stand, and informs them that he does it with God. Jesus teaches that evil spirits do return with more demons to reoccupy a person it left before, so it is always wise to fill an empty house with the Holy Spirit from God. Jesus says that Queen Sheba of Ethiopia and people of Nineveh will condemn this generation because they repented when they heard King Solomon and Jonah respectively, but this generation has Jesus. It seems while the Jews were God’s chosen people on earth, the Gentiles will inherit heaven. Make sure your eyes are the good light of God that gives good light to your entire body and not darkness. Jesus shames the Pharisees for outward praise, but are greedy and wicked inside; and they give tithe but ignore justice and love. To the experts of the law, Jesus said that they give people too much rules to follow without any assistance; they kill God’s prophets and build their tombs with joy; and they do not know God, but prevent others from knowing God.

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