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 Luke 15:

The Pharisees and tax collectors wondered why Jesus associated and ate with sinners. Jesus told them that he is here to save the lost just as they would if they lost one of their sheep and coin out of many. He explained that there is great joy in finding a lost one than for the many that were never lost. Jesus told a story of the prodigal son, who took his share of his father’s estate and moved away to live a life of sin. Soon, he lost all he had and began to eat the food for pigs. He later realized that he was better off returning to be his father’s servant rather starve to death. The father saw him from afar and welcomed him with a feast. The senior brother was upset because the brother deserved to be rejected, but the father said that they had to celebrate his lost brother that was now found.      

Luke 16:

Jesus told a parable of a man that mismanaged his master’s wealth, so the master said he was going to let him go. He planned to do favors for his master’s debtors so that they would hire him after he lost his job. He then reduced how much each debtor owed and his master even congratulated him for his cleverness. Jesus instruct that we use worldly wealth to make friends (serve the poor). Jesus summarized that if you can be trusted with little that belongs to others, you can be trusted with much that would even belong to you. Yes, the servant will make friends with his dishonesty, but no one will trust him with a job because he will cheat them too. Jesus makes it clear that you cannot serve God and money (the opposite of God is money, not Satan). This angered the Pharisee that loved money and Jesus reminded them that what is valuable to humans is detestable to GodHe also teaches that the Old Testament will stand till the end of time and anyone who marries a divorcee (divorce not on marital unfaithfulness) commits adultery. There was a rich man and a poor man named Lazarus. When the poor man died, angels took him to Abraham in heaven, but the rich man was buried and was in hell for torment with fire. Lazarus could not come to hell because it was separated, but the rich man could see him and had no comfort. Those who disregard God and the prophets will also ignore those that raise from the dead – Jesus.

Luke 17:

Jesus warned that things that makes people and children to sin will come into the world and cursed who brings them. Jesus says forgive numerous times and with just a little faith, you can command a tree to uproot itself and plant itself in the sea. Be humble before God for doing what is expected as Christians. As Jesus traveled to Jerusalem (Judah), he went between Galilee and Samaria (both in Israel). There he healed 10 lepers, but only one, who was a Samaritan returned to Jesus to say thanks. The Jews considered Israelis as foreigners and Jesus marveled at the Samaritan. The Pharisee wanted to know when God’s kingdom would come, but Jesus said that it was within them. Jesus told them that his second coming will be seen openly by all like the days of Noah’s flood, but after he suffers and is rejected by this generation. Jesus insists that his second coming and end of times will be the separation of good from evil as well as the great rapture. 

Luke 18:

Jesus encouraged the disciples to always pray no matter what until they get their request answered by God. He told them about a judge that had no regards for God and humans, and there was a woman who always came to him to demand justice. He eventually gave her justice because she was worrying him too much. Jesus said God will do the same to his chosen one, but Jesus worried if he will find faith on earth in his second coming. Jesus also told about a Pharisee and a tax collector who went to the temple to pray. The Pharisee thanked God that he was better than other people because he fasted regularly and away paid his tithe, but the tax collector looked down and asked God for mercy on his sins. Jesus said that the tax collector was the justified one before God. Jesus said that God’s kingdom belongs to children and those who have their innocence. A rich ruler, who have abided by the law of Moses, wanted to know from Jesus what else he needed to inherit eternal life. Jesus told him to sell all he had, give it to the poor, and follow Jesus to get eternal life. The man with great wealth left very sad and Jesus said it will be hard for the rich to enter heaven. Jesus concludes that all that left worldly issues behind for God’s kingdom will be rewarded with eternal life. Jesus tell the disciples that he will be tortured and killed when they get to Jerusalem, but he will rise on the third day. He also healed a blind man that knew his as a descendant of King David.

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