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Luke 19:

Jesus entered Jericho (South Israel) on his way to Jerusalem (North Judah) and a wealthy chief tax collector named Zacchaeus, who wanted to see Jesus, stood on a tree because of the crowd and he was short. Jesus saw him (rich clothed man on a tree stands out) and requested that he came down because he wanted to stay with him today. People wondered why Jesus entered a house of a sinner (rich stealing from the poor). Zacchaeus repented and told Jesus that he was going to give half his possessions to the poor and repay anyone he has cheated four times. Jesus said salvation was in Zacchaeus’ house because of his repentance. Jesus spoke of a wealthy man who left to be crowned king and gave his ten servants 3-month wages each to invest for him before he returns. When he returned, servants that increased his money were rewarded, but the one that did not invest it at all was punished. Jesus enters Jerusalem on a colt with people shouting out to Jesus as their king. The Pharisee told Jesus to quiet the crowd but he said that even the stones will cry out. Jesus wept for Jerusalem because it did not recognize God and that it will be attacked as well as destroyed. Jesus also chased out those selling in the temple while he went there to preach daily to the scorn of the Jewish leaders.

Luke 20:

Jesus asked the the chief priest, teachers of the law, and Jewish elders if John’s Baptism was from God because they wanted to know by what authority Jesus acted. They said they did not know, so Jesus ignored them. Jesus said a parable of a man who rented his vineyard to tenants and traveled. He soon sent his servants to go get his share of the harvest from the tenant, but they were beaten and tortured. So, he went his son with the hope that they would respect him, but they killed him. So the man will have to come and destroy those tenants. Jesus also implied that he was the capstone that the builders once rejected. Spies who wanted to have Jesus handed to the governor on charges of what he said asked Jesus if it was okay to pay taxes to Caesar. Jesus told them that since the tax coin had the image of Caesar, it should be given to Caesar and give what is God to God. The Sadducees, who did not believe in resurrection, wanted to know from Jesus which of the 7 brothers in resurrection will have the wife with no child if each one married her according to the law, one after the other to bear children for their dead brother, but had no child for any of them. Jesus told them that there is no marriage or death in the resurrection because they (children of God) will be like angels. Jesus says that God is for the living, not the dead, and he cannot be the son of David if David called him lord.

 Luke 21:

Jesus said that the poor widow’s offering surpassed those that gave from their wealth because she gave God despite in need. He also told the disciples than a time will come when the temple will be no more and the disciples wanted to know when the end of time will be. Jesus told them it will be a time of false prophets claiming to be Christ, but they are not to follow them, as well as wars and revolution. There will also be earthquakes, famine, diseases, fearful incidences, and great sings from heaven after the persecution and torture of the Christian before authorities. Christians are not to plan their defense because Jesus will provide the wisdom and irrefutable responses. Even family will betray Christians and people will hate them because of Jesus, but they will not perish. Jerusalem will be surrounded and occupied by Gentile armies until their appointed time, as well as the sun, moon, stars, and seas will be shaken out of order to put great fear in humans. Then Jesus will return on the clouds with great power and glory. Jesus says that day will come unexpectedly and we should not be worried or depressed about the issues of the world or lose focus. Pray to escape all that would happen to be able to stand before Jesus.  

 Luke 22:

The chief priests and teachers of the law wanted to get Jesus arrested, then Satan entered Judas Iscariot and he went to them to agree to betray Jesus to them when no crowd was present in exchange of money. Jesus sent Peter and John into the city to prepare for Passover dinner. At the dinner, Jesus told his disciples that it was his last Passover meal before his death and resurrection. Jesus shared wine and bread with them and asked they did it in remembrance of him and he revealed to the disciples that Judas will betray him to authorities. Jesus teaches that the greatest is the one that serves with humility and he said that he had prayed against Satan’s request to destroy Peter. Jesus is arrested and tried before Pilate and Herod. Peter also denies Jesus as predicted by Jesus.

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