Daily Bible Verses | October 25 | Luke 23 | Luke 24 | John 1| John 2 Luke Teaches Jesus was an Israeli; not a Jew
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Luke 23:

Jewish leaders led Jesus to be tried by Pilate, the Roman Governor, and accused him of going against Rome and Judea, but Pilate found him innocent. Jesus was considered a Galilean (Israeli) by Roman and Jewish law, not a Jew, so he was send to Herod, who also found no charge against him. Jesus was sent back to Pilate and Pilate wanted to release Jesus, but the leaders of the Jews wanted the Israeli Jesus crucifies and Barabbas release, despite being a murderer. The Jews demanded the death of Jesus, despite the objection of the Roman Governor, Pilate. Jesus was crucified and buried.

Luke 24:

Jesus rose from death three days later (first day of the week). Women went to Jesus’ tomb and an angel asked them why they were looking for the living among the dead. They went to tell the apostles and Peter went to witness the empty grave. Jesus soon appeared to two men who were walking and they told Jesus about his resurrection and how they had hoped he was the redeemer of Israel (unify Israel from Roman domination). Jesus accused them of ignorance and faithlessness in the scripture, prophets, & Jesus. He went in with them for dinner and they recognized him by his prayers. They ran to Jerusalem to inform the apostles. Jesus then appeared before the apostles and he ate fish. Jesus said that the law, the prophets, and Psalms must be fulfilled so that repentance and forgiveness of sins may be preached in Jesus’ name to all nations. The apostles were to stay in Jerusalem until they were clothed with power from above (Holy Spirit). In Bethany, Jesus blessed them and ascended into heaven.  

John 1:

Jesus is the Word of God, he is God, and was with God from the very beginning of all creation. All was created through him and he is the light of humans. John the Baptist came to bear witness to the light that all may believe. Jesus was rejected by the world, which was created through him, but those who believe in him will be Children of God. Jesus became human to live among humans and John testified about Jesus as one who surpassed him because he was before me. No one has seen God, but through Jesus. John told the priest and Levites from Jerusalem that he was not the Christ, Elijah, or a prophet, but the voice calling in the desert to prepare the way for Christ. John baptized at Bethany (same place Jesus ascended; East of Jerusalem). John saw Jesus and called him the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world and testified that God told him that the one the Spirit of God rests on is the Son of God and the one to baptize with the Holy Spirit. Andrew, brother of Peter, was a former disciple of John who John sent to follow Jesus and he introduced Peter to Jesus. Philip, like the brothers, was from Bethsaida (NE of Nazareth, Israel) and he introduced Nathaniel to Jesus. Jesus said Nathaniel was a true Israelite without falsehood. Jesus said that Nathaniel will see the glory of Jesus and heaven. 

John 2:

Jesus was at a wedding in Cana with his mother and disciples. His mother informed him that the wine was finished, so Jesus turned the water in large jars into wine. The master of the banquet even testified that Jesus’ wine was better than their best wine for the occasion and his disciples had more faith in him. Jesus goes to the temple in Jerusalem during Passover and saw people selling animals and goods in the temple, so he whipped them and turned their money tables over. The Jews then challenged Jesus to show what authority he had to do this. Jesus told them that if the temple was destroyed, he will raise it in 3 days, but he meant his body. Jesus did many miracles in Jerusalem during the Passover feast

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