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John 3:

Nicodemus, a Pharisee and member of the Jewish ruling council, came to see Jesus at night and testified that the Jewish leaders knew that he was from God, but Jesus told him that he must be born again – born of water baptism and by the Spirit of God – to have eternal life. Nicodemus, Jewish teacher of Israel did not know or understand this. Jesus insisted that Just as Moses rose up the bronze snake for deliverance of Israel, so will he be raised up in crucifixion so that people can believe in God through his resurrection. He claims to be God’s son who was sent into the world to save it, but those who reject him will be condemned. Those who love truth come into light, but humans love darkness in order to hide their deeds. Jesus went to Judea with the disciples where he baptized many, and John the Baptist was in the area. John insist that Jesus is the Christ and Jesus will increase while he decreases because he came to prepare his way. John encouraged the disciples to believe in Jesus. 

John 4:

Jesus returned to Galilee in Israel from Judea in Judah, when he and the Pharisees heard that his disciples were baptizing more people than John the Baptist. Jesus had to travel through Samaria (south of Galilee) and rested by Jacob’s well on the ground he gave Joseph at about the 6th hour (Noon). Jesus asked a Samaritan woman for water, but she was shocked that a Jew would ask a Samaritan for water. Jesus assured her that he had water that brings eternal life and whoever drank from it will never thirst. Jesus soon revealed to her that she had 5 husbands and the one she is with is not her husband. He also told her that soon, worshipping God in Samarian mountain or God’s temple in Jerusalem will become irrelevant because people will worship God in spirit and truth. The woman was waiting for the Christ to come and explain all things, but Jesus informed her that he is the Christ. She ran to get the Samaritans and many of them believed when they heard Jesus. The Galileans welcomed him when he arrived because they saw his miracles in Jerusalem during Passover and he healed a dying boy.

John 5:

Jesus healed a man by the pool in Jerusalem who was invalid for 38 years because he wanted to get well by all means with faith. The Jews disliked Jesus for healing on a Sabbath and saying God was his father, so they wanted to kill him. The Jews felt that Jesus was claiming to be equal to God by claiming he was God’s son and had being given all authority by God to judge, give life, and disobey the Sabbath. Jesus told them that those who hear his voice and believes will be saved by God for eternal life, but others will be condemned. Jesus claims that John the Baptist testified about him and God did the same through the scriptures, but the Jewish leaders have studied the scriptures and do not understand that Jesus is the Christ. Jesus tells the Jews that Moses will accuse them to God for not believing in Jesus because Moses wrote of Jesus.

John 6:

Jesus at Galilee feed a crowd of 5,000 men with two fishes and five loaves of bread, which would have cost a worker’s wage for 8 months. Jesus also walked on water to meet the disciples on a boat. Jesus told the Jews that he was the bread of life and unless they eat his flesh and drink his blood they will not have eternal life (believe in his death and resurrection). He also said that it was God that gave their ancestors manna in the desert and not Moses, and he is the bread of life that has come down to earth from heaven. Jesus makes it clear that those who ate manna died, but those who God draws near to Jesus to believe by faith will have eternal life. Many disciples left Jesus because they thought his teaching was becoming to hard to accept, but he told them that he teaching was of the Spirit of God and only those from God the father can accept his teaching.

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