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John 7:

Jesus went around Galilee and intentionally avoided Judea because the Jews there wanted him dead. His brothers then encouraged him to go to Jerusalem so that his disciples and the world could see his miracles since he wants to be a public figure (jealousy). Jesus told his brothers that they can go to the feast in Jerusalem, but he cannot go because it is not the right time for him. He further explains to them that the world hates him because he speaks against their evil, but Jesus went secretly after his brothers had gone. Jesus soon went to the temple to teach and all were amazed at his knowledge without studying. Jesus responded by saying that his teaching comes directly from God, who sent him. Jesus wanted to know why the Jews wanted to kill him for healing a man on the Sabbath, but they circumcise on the Sabbath. Jesus taught that he will be with them a little while, soon return to the father, they will seek him but cannot find him, and where he is they cannot come. The chief priests and Pharisees wanted the temple guards to arrest him, but the temple guards said none spoke like Jesus and the people have faith in him. Some people and the Jewish leaders doubted Jesus as Messiah because they saw him as Galilean and not a descendant of David.

John 8:

Jesus went back to the temple to teach and the Jewish leaders brought an adulteress to him and asked him what to do with her since Moses said she should be stoned to death. Jesus began to write on the ground and told them to stone her if they themselves had no sin. Everyone left her and Jesus told her to go, but to sin no more. Jesus soon told the people that he was the light of the world and none that follow him will see darkness. He also said that he did not need human witnesses to testify about him because he can testify for himself and his father can also testify for him. Jesus tells the Pharisee that he is from above and they are from below, as well as they will die in their sins if they do not believe that he is the Christ. He also assured them that they will know that he is Christ after his death and resurrection. Jesus told the Jews that held on the Abraham as their father that they were children of Satan because Abraham would not kill him, but Satan would and Satan is the father of lies against God. Jesus says the Jews do not believe in Jesus because they are not of God. The Jews called Jesus a Samaritan and demon-possessed, but Jesus said he is not demon-possessed and he is representing God. He also declared that Abraham rejoiced at his day and before Abraham he is.

John 9:

Jesus met a man that was blind from birth, but Jesus said neither the man nor his parents sinned. Jesus soon mixed saliva in mud and rubbed the man’s eyes with it. He sent the man to the pool to wash it and the man got his sight. The Pharisee investigate the healing and told the people that Jesus was not of God because he heals on a Sabbath, but some disagreed because why would any sinner perform such miracles. The man felt that Jesus was a prophet. The Jews doubted that he was born blind and asked for his parents. The parents testified that their son was born blind and wanted him to speak for himself because the Jews had threatened that whoever acknowledges Jesus as the Christ will be throw out of the synagogue. The Jews insulted the man for believing in Jesus and not God or Moses, but the man told them that he had never seen anyone open the eyes of the blind and God must be with him. So They threw him out of the synagogue. Jesus went to him afterwards and the man gave his life to Christ.

John 10:

Jesus said those who do not enter through the gate but climbs in by other ways is a robber. The one that enters by the gate is the owner of the sheep and the sheep follow him because they know his voice. Jesus claims that he is the gate through which people come through and are saved, and is the good shepherd that lays his life down for the sheep. Jesus says he has the authority to lay down his life and pick it back up at his own will. The Jews demanded from Jesus at the temple to say clearly if he was the Christ. Jesus told them that they refused to believe his words and miracles because the Jews were not Jesus’ sheep. He claimed that God gave him his sheep and none will be lost from eternal life because God and Jesus are one. The Jew tried to stone him for saying that he was God, but Jesus showed that it was written in scripture.  

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