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John 11:

Lazarus of Bethany was sick and it was her sister, Mary, that poured expensive perfume on Jesus. Mary and her sister, Martha, sent words to Jesus that the one he loved was sick. Jesus stayed for 2 extra days because he knew that Lazarus’ situation was to glorify God on his behalf. Jesus told the disciples that they had to go to Lazarus to wake him from the dead. When Jesus got there, Lazarus had been in the tomb for 4 days and many Jews came to sympathize with them. Martha believe in Jesus as the Christ and believed that Jesus would raise Lazarus when Jesus asked her. Jesus also said that he was the resurrection and the life, and all those who believe in him will have eternal life. Jesus told them to remove the stone cover of the tomb and he thanked God in a loud prayer for always answering his prayers for the benefit of the people. He then commanded Lazarus to rise from the dead and come out. Lazarus did come out in his burial clothes. The Jewish leaders felt that if all believe in Jesus then the Romans will take away their temple and nation (wanted power over believing scripture about Jesus). The high priest prophesized that Jesus would die for the Jewish nation rather than all perish. Jesus went into hiding because the Jewish leaders were seeking his life.  

John 12:

Lazarus’ family had a feast for Jesus and Mary anointed Jesus with expensive perfume. Judas Iscariot, who later betrayed Jesus, felt that the perfume was wasted and could have been sold and the money given to the poor because it was worth a year’s wage. Judas was the treasurer and stole some of the money for himself. Jesus asked that Mary be left alone because the perfume was meant for his burial and they will always have the poor, but not Jesus. The Jews came to kill Jesus and Lazarus as well because it was because of Lazarus’ resurrection that many Jews started following Jesus. The crowd that witnessed the resurrection of Lazarus spread the word about Jesus and many followed Jesus with palm branches into Jerusalem as Jesus rode on a donkey. Jesus said that a single seed is just that until it falls into the ground and dies to produce more seeds. Jesus asked that God be glorified and God responded aloud to the hearing of those around glorifying God. Jesus said that he was the light of the world and whoever has light will not walk in darkness and will be sons of light. Whoever believes Jesus also believes God. Many Jewish leaders believed in Jesus, but loved the praise of men more than God.

John 13:

Jesus knew it was time for him to return to God, so he showed his disciples love by washing their feet. Jesus showed humility by a master washing the feet of his servants, even though the former is greater. Jesus revealed to the disciples that Judas Iscariot would betray him for death by giving him bread. Satan entered Judas as soon as he took the bread, but since he was treasurer others thought he went to buy something for the poor when Jesus told him to go ahead and do what he wanted. Jesus told the disciples to love one another and he was going to a place they could not go. Peter wanted to go with Jesus and promised Jesus that he will lay his life for him, but Jesus told him that Peter would deny him thrice.   

John 14:

Jesus tells his disciples to trust in God and him without any worry because he goes to prepare a place for them and will return to take them with him. Jesus says he is the way, the truth, and the life; none gets to God except through him. Jesus says whoever has seen him has seen the father because all he has done and said belongs to God. Jesus says God is in him and he is in God. He assured them that they will do greater miracles than he has in his name and he will grant them whatever they ask in his name. Jesus promised to ask God to send the Spirit of Truth (Holy Spirit) to guide them, but the world will reject it because it is invincible or they do not know it. Jesus insists that those who obey his command loves him and God will love them too. The Holy Spirit will come to teach and remind us of all the things expected by Jesus.  

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