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John 15:

Jesus says he is the true vine and God is the gardener. God cuts off branches that do not produce fruits, but prunes those that do, so that they can be more fruitful. Branches can only bear fruits if they remain in the vine, so we must remain with Jesus to be fruitful for God. Jesus encourages the disciples to obey his words, remain in his love, and the greatest love is for one to die for his friends. Disciples were not longer servants, but friends of Jesus because Jesus revealed all to them as his chosen ones. Jesus warned them that the world will hate them like they did him because he had chosen them out of the world. The world only loves those that belong to it. He also said that they will be persecuted by the world because of his name, but he had to come into the world to speak so that none will have excuse for their sins. Those who hate Jesus also hate God. The Holy Spirit will come from God into the world to testify about Jesus.

John 16:

Jesus warned that they stay focused on his word and they will be chased out of the synagogues.  Some Jews will even kill them as a service to God because they never knew God. Jesus had to return to God so that the Holy Spirit can come. The Holy Spirit will convict the world of sin (not believing Jesus), righteousness (Jesus is from God), and judgment (Satan is condemned). The Holy Spirit (Spirit of Truth) will guide them in truth and understanding based on what he hears from Jesus. Jesus told them that he will die and resurrect again.  While they grief, the world will rejoice, but they will have joy when Jesus resurrects. Jesus insisted that they will be given whatever they ask in his name and God will provide it. The disciples believed more that Jesus came from God. Jesus warned them that they will be scattered and abandon him for a while, but God is always with him. The world was going to give the disciples many troubles, but they are to be at peace because Jesus has already overcome the world.

John 17:

Jesus looked up to heaven and prayed for himself. He asked God to glorify him in God’s presence with the glory he had before the world began and just as he had glorified God by completing God’s assignment on earth. He said God also granted him authority above all men to grant eternal life to those God had given him. Jesus told God that he is not praying for the world, but for those God had given him and he has revealed everything of God to them. Jesus asked God to protect them from Satan when he is gone, except Judas that is doomed to fulfill scripture, and sanctify them with truth. Jesus also prayed for the converts that will hear the disciples’ message of Jesus.

John 18:

Judas came with solders and officials from the chief priest and Pharisees to arrest Jesus at the place they usual met. Jesus presented himself to be arrested, but asked that they let the disciples go. Peter cut of the right ear of one of the mob, but Jesus rebuked him. Jesus was arrested and taken to the high priest. Jesus was questioned about his teaching and disciples, but was struck in the face by an official because Jesus told them to ask those who hear him preach openly. Peter denied Jesus thrice and the Jews lead Jesus from the high priest to Pilate, the Roman governor, because they did not have the power to execute him. Pilate wanted to find out if he was the king of the Jews and Jesus told him that his kingdom was not of this world because his servants would have prevented his arrest. He also said that he entered the world to testify to the truth and only those that have truth hear him. Pilate found Jesus innocent, but the Jews wanted Barabbas released instead of Jesus because Pilate usually released one prisoner at Passover.

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