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 Malachi 3:

God will send his messenger of the covenant before him and then God will come into his temple. Who will be able to stand the glory of God on that day?  Even the Levites will be purified with God’s presence and the offerings in righteousness of Judah and Jerusalem (not Israel) will be acceptable to God as before.  God will then judge quickly the sorcerers, adulterers, false witness under oath (perjurers), those who defrauded workers of their wages, oppressed the widows and fatherless, and denied foreigners justice, but do not fear God.  God encouraged the people to return to him unlike their ancestors that rejected God, and should not rob God.  God insists that he has been robbed because the tithe and offering where not being given to put food in God’s house (in Nehemiah 10, God makes it clear that only a tithe of the tithe (1% not 10%) was was the temple.  The other 9% was for the infrastructures of the land) .  God wants them to obey him and see how much blessing they would get in their harvest and be blessed by all nations.  God accuses the people of disrespect because they say it is useless to serve God due to the fact that the arrogant are called blessed, evildoers prospers, and those who challenge God escape.  God says those who reverence God talk to each other and God hears them.  God has also put their manes in his book because they belong to God.  There will be a distinction between those that fear God and those that do not.

Malachi 4:

The day will come when all evildoers and the arrogant will burn in fire and not a root of them will be left, but those who reverence God will have the sun of righteousness heal themThe righteous will trample on the wicked and they will be ashes underneath their feet.  Remember the law God gave Moses and God will send prophet Elijah to bring the hearts of the young and old together so that the land will not be cursed.  

Matthew 1:

The genealogy of Jesus had 39 generations from Abraham and Jesus. There were 26 generations before their exile to Babylon and 13 after their return from Babylon. The first four – Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Judah (who had 11 brothers that made the 12 tribes of Israel/Jacob) are fully Arabs of Shem from Arabia that settled in Africa through Egypt (Mizraim) and his brother Canaan – Genesis 10:6They established the Jewish nation in Africa before they became slaves in EgyptPerez was the son of the Canaanite (African) woman Judah’s children married in Genesis 38.  Ruth is the mother of Obed, who is the grandfather of David and great-grandfather of Solomon.  Zerubbabel, who God made to rebuild the second temple after their return from exile is just 10 generations from Jesus.  So God is consistent with his word.  Just as God created man in Africa, sent Abraham to Africa, made a promise to Abraham (in Africa) and David, God still kept his promise within the family to his seed – Jesus (who was raised in Africa (Egypt) till he was 30 years old to begin his ministry). Joseph was to marry Mary, but Mary conceived Jesus through the Holy Spirit.  Joseph wanted to divorce her quietly, but an angel encouraged him not to do so because the baby of the Holy Spirit was to save the people from their sins and was to be called Jesus.  Joseph took the advice and did not have union with her until Jesus was born.  Joseph must have been an older man with another wife because he was independent enough to make a decision to send Mary away without his family’s input for a woman they were engaged to, assuming he was a teenager like Mary.  Also, he did not sleep with Mary for 9 months, that would be unrealistic for a young man in his first and only marriage (or even relationship) except he had another wife.

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