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Acts 2:

The apostles received the Holy Spirit and began to speak in tongues. The Jews in Jerusalem from every nation was surprised to see that they could understand the tongues the disciples were speaking. So Jews had many dialects and they were surprised that the disciples from Galilee in Israel could speak their various Jewish dialects. Even those from Africa, Europe, Asia, & Rome heard God’s praises in their own language, but others said that they were drunk. Peter the spoke up to the Jews and guests to Jerusalem in the word of prophet Joel and said that it was 9:00 AM in the morning so they cannot be drunk. He said that God was going to pour out his spirit on the old, young, men, women, and children so that they see vision, dreams, and God’s wonder from heaven and above. He preached about Jesus as son of God and how Jesus was killed and how Jesus resurrected. About 3,000 converts were baptized that day for the forgiveness of sins through Jesus and received the gift of the Holy Spirit.      

Acts 3:

Peter and John went to the temple to pray around 3:00 PM and a crippled man from birth, who begged at the temple daily, asked them for money. Peter said he had no money, but told him to walk in the name of Jesus, and he was able to walk. People in the temple recognized him when they saw him jumping, walking, and praising God. Peter saw the gathering around the man and told them that the Jesus that they killed, but God resurrected from death, healed the crippled man by faith the the name of Jesus. He reminded them that Moses wrote that they must listen to Jesus or be cut off from the people of God. He concluded that All the prophets from Samuel and Abraham even spoke and heard about Jesus, and Jesus was sent to turn us from wickedness to the goodness of God.

Acts 4:

The priests, temple guards, and Sadducees arrested Peter and John for preaching the resurrection of Jesus, but about 5,000 believed. The Jewish leaders brought them to find out what authority they had to do this. Peter filled with the Holy Spirit said that the cripple was healed in Jesus’ name and it is the only name by which humans are to be saved for God. They were freed because the leaders saw the miracle, but warned them not to speak about Jesus in order to keep Judaism alive. They told the leaders that it was better to follow God than men. They continued to preach about the resurrection of Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit. Many gave their life to Jesus, shared their possessions with each other, and there was no needy person among them. 

Acts 5:

A couple sold their property and kept part of the money for themselves. The other half, he took to Peter as a full amount for the property. Peter rebuked him for lying to God and he died. Hours later, his wife came in unaware of what happened to her husband, and Peter asked her if the money her husband provided was the full amount and she lied by saying yes. She also died and was buried beside her husband. There was great fear among the followers of God not to lie to God or the Holy Spirit. Many believed in God through Jesus and brought their sick from all over to be healed by the apostle because they had high regards for them. The high priest and the Sadducees became jealous and arrested the apostles, but an angel came at night to release them and instructed them to go to the temple to preach the new life. The next day, the Jewish leaders got a report that the apostles have escape with all the jail doors locked and all the jail guards in place. Soon, the guards found them preaching and brought them to the Jewish leaders, who asked them to stop talking about Jesus because they did not want to feel guilty for the life of Jesus. The apostles told them that they must honor God who raise Jesus from the dead and they accused the Jewish leaders for killing Jesus. The Jewish leaders wanted to put them to death, but one of them advised that if the apostles’ teaching was of human origin it will fail, but if of God, no one can stop it because you will be fighting God. So the leaders flogged them and asked the not to preach about Jesus, but they refused and kept preaching the good news of Jesus as the Christ.

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