Daily Bible Verses | October 5 | Matthew 5 | Matthew 6 | Matthew 7 Matthew Teaches Difference Between Daily Bread and Riches
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 Matthew 5:

Jesus taught the beatitudes that included the poor in spirit (people who do not hurt others) having the kingdom of heaven, the meek shall inherit the earth (patience and perseverance will always win, not the rich or powerful), those who fight for justice and fairness shall be fulfilled, the pure in heart will see God (not the rich and liars), peacemakers will be called sons of God, and those persecuted for God’s justice shall have heaven.  Christians are to be the salt and light of the world by living an exemplary life (not perfect). Jesus came to fulfill the law and the prophets rather than abolish it (So the old testament and the new testament are oneDo not follow the new and claim the old is gone.  One God one Christ).  Anyone angry at his brother or curses at him with contempt is also a murderer (anger can lead to murder).  Anyone who looks at a woman (or man) lustfully had committed adultery (or fornication if single) in the mind.  Every divorced woman must be given a certificate of divorce, divorce is only allowed in the case of adultery, and anyone who marries or copulates with a divorced woman commits adultery.  No oaths, just speak the truth.  Do not resist an evil person (oppressive with power and wealth), but intentionally give them more that they demanded (turn the other cheek or spirit of disobedience).  This psychologically neutralizes the thrill they would have gotten from your cries and pleading for mercyEvil people enjoy the submission, but you strategically take it from them through civil disobedience (obeying, but not really).  Be nice and fair to everyone; this is what separates the godly from the wicked and godless.

Matthew 6:

Jesus teaches that when you give the needy, nobody needs to know about it.  When you pray, do it privately and away from others.  Jesus teaches the Lord’s prayer which includes our daily bread (not riches, just enough to focus on God) and forgiveness of others (free and peace of mind for a healthy body).  No one should know when you are fasting.  Put your treasures in heaven so that your heart will be there also.  You have to chose between God and moneyLove of daily bread is for God (caring for people while you make your money), but the love of money (idolatry) is for Satan (caring only for money against people’s lives and interests)Do not worry about anything or tomorrow because God knows your needs.  Only pagans and the godless run after all these material things to compete, compare, and to control others.     

Matthew 7:

Try not to judge others so that you too will not be judged (you may even do worse if you were in their shoes or circumstance).  Help those who are trying to succeed and not dogs or pigs who will waste your time and still blame you for their failures.  Ask to receive, seek to find, and knock for the door to be opened towards God’s progress, happiness, and health for your life.  Always travel the path of the selected few that leads to life rather than destruction.  Watch out for false prophets and you shall know them by their fruits regardless of their teaching and miracles (love for money over lives, lies, deceit, unjust laws, discrimination, and oppression of others). Those who apply God’s words are like the wise who build on solid foundation.  The people were impressed with Jesus because he taught with authority, unlike the experts of the law.

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

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