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 Matthew 8:

A leper came to Jesus in faith for healing and Jesus healed him.  Jesus then told the man not to tell anyone but to go show himself to the priest according to the laws of Moses (Jesus still followed Jewish laws under Roman rule.  Do Africans still remember their ways like Jesus did?)  A centurion (commander of 100 soldiers) wanted Jesus to heal his servant (master cares for servant), but to say the word rather than come to his house.  Jesus was so impressed with his faith that he declared publicly that he has never seen such faith in Israel (not Judah) and the servant was healed as soon as Jesus said so.  Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law, healed all the sick around him, and drove out demons.  A teacher of the law assured Jesus that he would follow him, but Jesus told him that the Son of God had no place to lay his head (being godly is to take care of people without rest and fight for justice for all people)Another wanted to bury his father before following Jesus, but Jesus told him to follow him now and let the dead bury his own head (godliness has no break or vacation.  It is on call now and around the clock).  Jesus calms the storms and it obeyed.  Jesus met two demon-possessed men who called him the Son of God and asked if he was coming to torture them before the appointed time (demons confessing their destruction by God). They begged Jesus to send them into the pigs near by and Jesus agreed.  All the pigs rushed to their death into a lake (I believed the demons died as well because that was all they could enter).  The people then begged Jesus to leave their town.

Matthew 9:

A paralytic man was brought to Jesus by some men and Jesus told him his sins were forgiven.  This angered the teachers of the law, but Jesus told them that even though it was easier to forgiven sins than to heal, he was going to heal the man, which he did.  Jesus recruited Matthew, a tax collector.  While Jesus ate dinner with Matthew, the Pharisees asked the disciples why Jesus loved to eat with tax collectors and sinners, and Jesus replied that he was here for the sinners.  The disciples of John wondered why they and the Pharisees fast, but not Jesus and his disciples, Jesus told them that they will fast after he is gone, but while he (Son of God) was with them, they did not need to fast (fasting is still relevant today).  Jesus heals a woman who bled for 12 years because she merely touched his garment by faith of healing.  Jesus went to the house of a ruler who came to beg his presence because of his dead daughter, Jesus chased the funeral musician out of the house because to him she was just asleep and she woke up after Jesus took her by the hand.  Two blind men called out to Jesus as the Son of David (they knew his background well because David was 24 generations before Jesus) and asked for help.  He healed them by touching their eyes and drove out the demons from a mute man, who began to speak.  The Pharisee accused Jesus of using the prince of demons to evict demons because nothing like this had ever happened in Israel.      

Matthew 10:

Jesus chose his 12 disciples and gave them power over evil spirits, disease, and sickness.  It seems that Jesus choose his disciples from Jewish (from Judah) resident in Israel, where he was living, despite the fact he was a from Judah as well.  So Jesus called the first four disciples on the Sea of Galilee in Israel, in Matthew 4: 18-22.  Jesus instructed all 12 disciples not to enter towns of the Gentile or the Samaritans (Israelis in their capital, Samaria).  Their purpose was to save the lost sheep of Israel (To bring Israelis back to God from the laws of Moses.  This is why Israeli reject Jesus to this day).  They were to take no money, food, bag, or extra clothing or shoes, but rather feed from tips from good customer service.  They were to stay with credible people in each town and shake the dust off their feet wherever they were rejected in a town and move to the next.  They will be arrested, flogged, and tried, but God’s Spirit would guide them in their response.  Jesus encouraged them to be strong to the end in order to be saved, regardless of the betrayal or persecution because of Jesus because Jesus will represent those to his father that represented him on earth.

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