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 Matthew 11:

When John the Baptist heard what Jesus was doing from prison, he sent his disciples to inquire from his cousin, Jesus, if he was the messiah or not.  Jesus then told John’s disciples to return and inform John about what they have seen and heard about the blind, lame, sick, deaf, dead, preaching of the word, and Jesus said blessed is the man that does not fall on the account of Jesus.  Later, Jesus makes it clear to his disciples that John the Baptist was greater than the rich, palaces, fine clothes, and that there is no man born of a woman greater than John (including Jesus), but yet, was the least in Heaven.  Jesus testified that John was the Elijah that was to come and despite the fact that John despised luxury, the people said he had a demon, but Jesus enjoyed luxury, they called him a drunkard and a glutton. Wisdom is proved right by her actionsJesus calls out to all who are weary about the quality of their life, and he guarantees them rest and peace.

Matthew 12:

The disciple of Jesus ate grain on a Sabbath and were challenged by the Pharisees.  Jesus then told the Pharisees that even David and the priest broke the law on the Sabbath and yet were considered innocent.  Jesus also claimed to be greater than the temple, that he was the Lord of the Sabbath, and mercy from God was greater than sacrifice even on a Sabbath when he healed a man’s hand. Jesus healed many secretly and the people followed him everywhere. The Pharisees accused Jesus of using the prince of demons to drive out demons, but Jesus read their thoughts and reminded them that if demons were against themselves then their house can never stand. Anyone who blaspheme against Jesus will be forgiven, but not the Holy Spirit of God.  Jesus called the Pharisee evil because a tree is recognized by its fruit. Judgment will be based on spoken words, which comes from the heart. They demanded a miraculous sign from Jesus, but Jesus called them an adulterous generation without faith. Jesus said just as Jonah spent 3 days in a fish, so will he spend 3 days in the earthJesus said that people of Nineveh & Queen of Sheba of Ethiopia will condemn the Jewish leaders on that day.  Jesus then said those who obey God are closer to him than his earthly family.  Those who want your success and happiness are better than your blood family and relatives.           

Matthew 13:

Jesus told the parable of the sower.  Some seeds fell on the path and were eaten by birds; some fell on rocks but did not grow for long because they had no roots; others fell on thorns that grew to overtake the crops; and the rest fell on good soil to yield abundant harvest. Jesus said those who have will be given more and those without will have theirs taken from themAlways try to acquire some skill or knowledge.  The disciples received the knowledge of the secrets of God’s kingdom from Jesus, which many prophets and righteous people longed to get.  The path represents those who do not understand God’s word and it is stolen by the enemy; the rocky soil are those that understand it but lose God’s words because of lack and being needy; the thorns are those who receive the word of God but throw it away for the quest for wealth; while the good soil are those that understand and hold on to God’s word. Jesus also said a sower (Jesus) planted wheat, but the enemy (devil) came later when no one was around to play weeds (children of Satan) among the wheat (children of God). The sower told his servants (angels) to wait till harvest because uprooting the weeds now will kill the wheat as well.  At harvest, the wheat and weeds will be separated.  The wheat will go to the barn, while the weeds will be burned.  So the children of God are still maturing in God while the godless are already condemned. Jesus also talked about the Mustard seed being one of the smallest seed, but biggest among the garden trees and a little yeast that make bread swell as the kingdom of God.  Jesus says that God’s kingdom is like treasure, which makes people give up everything for it. Jesus did not do much miracle in his hometown because they rejected him as common, so Jesus proclaimed that a prophet has no honor in his hometown.

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