Daily Bible Verses | October 8 | Matthew 14 | Matthew 15 | Matthew 16 Matthew Teaches Jesus Obeys God Before Constitution and Tradition
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Matthew 14:

King Herod (one of the 4 ruling sons and emperor of Herod) believed that Jesus was a resurrected John the Baptist from the dead because of his miracles. Herod arrested and wanted to kill John because he spoke against his marriage to his sister-in-law (Herodias). At a party, Herodias’ daughter demanded the head of John because Herod promised to give her whatever she asked for, so John was beheaded. Jesus soon left in sadness to a quiet place and later feed 5000 people with 5 loaves of bread and two fishes. Jesus also walked on water and the people around testified that he was the Son of God.  Many were healed from touching his garment.

Matthew 15:

The Pharisee and teachers of the law wanted to find out from Jesus why his disciples disobey the law by not washing their hands before they eat.  Jesus replied that they are the ones that disobey God to honor tradition by allowing people to dishonor their parents because of tradition. So obey God comes before tradition or the constitution. Jesus then told the people that the food that enters the mouth does not defile the body because it gets excreted, but rather the words that comes out of the mouth through the heart, which is sinful. A Canaanite woman wanted Jesus to help her demon possessed child, but Jesus claimed that he came for the lost sheep of Israel (not Judah) and that it will be unfair to give the children’s food to the dogs. The woman then reasoned that even dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the table.  Jesus healed her child because of her faith. Jesus also fed four thousand people.                

Matthew 16:

The Pharisees and Sadducees demanded a sign from Jesus of heaven.  Jesus told them that they were a wicked generation because they could interpret the sign of nature, which come from God and heaven, but not the signs of the time or that of Jonah.  Jesus warned the disciples about about the teaching of the Pharisees and Sadducees. Jesus asked who the disciples thought he was and Peter said he was the Christ, Messiah, and Son of God. Jesus blessed him and claimed that God in heaven revealed his identity to Peter. He told Peter that based on Peter’s testimony of him as the Christ, Jesus’ church will be built and Hades cannot overcome it. Jesus told Peter that he would give him the keys of heaven (Word of God) and asked the disciples to keep his identity a secret. Jesus told them that he must go to Jerusalem (Judah), be accused by the Jewish leaders, and killed, but be raised to life on the 3rd day. Peter took Jesus aside to ask how to prevent his death, but Jesus called him Satan for trying to prevent his mission on earthJesus told his disciples to leave all and follow him because it was better to have life and save your soul than to have it all but lose the soul.  Jesus was going to enter God’s glory and judge everyone’s action.  Jesus also makes it clear that some will see his glory in God before they die.

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