Daily Bible Verses | September 10 | Daniel 9 | Daniel 10 | Daniel 11 Daniel Prophesizes About European Rule and African Slavery
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Daniel 9:

In the time of King Darius, who now ruled Medes and Persia (which included Babylon after the fall of Babylon), Daniel prayed to God about the scriptures and the word that was given to Jeremiah.  It said that the destruction of Jerusalem and the slavery of Judah will be 70 years.  Daniel prayed that God should forgive the wickedness of his people and their fathers for disobeying the words and warnings of the prophets, as well as keep God’s covenant with all of Israel about their shame of slavery.  Daniel insists that he does not make any request to God because they are righteous, but because God is merciful.  He also asked God to remember God’s city of Jerusalem that bears God’s name and God’s sanctuary in it.  Daniel is basically requesting an end to Israeli slavery in Babylon (now under Medes and Persia) so that they could return back home to Canaan (Israel and Judah) in order to rebuild their home.  As he prayed, Gabriel, the man who spoke to him in the past vision, came to give him more understanding and an immediate answer from God.  Gabriel stated that it was actually 77 years for the holy city to finish transgression, atone for Israel’s wickedness, seal up the vision and prophecy, and anoint the most holy place.  Gabriel also makes it clear that it will take seven sevens (maybe 77 years) and sixty-two sevens (maybe 627 years) between the degree to rebuild Jerusalem and the time the anointed one comes (Jesus).  Jesus would be cut of after sixty-two sevens and the people of the ruler (Satan) will come to destroy the city and sanctuary, bring endless wars, put an end to God’s sacrifices, as well as set up an abomination on the church to cause desolation (image of White Jesus) until the end will come for him.

Daniel 10:

In the reign of Cyprus, king of Persia, Daniel saw the vision of a man by the Tigris river.  The man said he was sent to Daniel because Daniel was highly esteemed.  He explained to Daniel that God sent a response to his prayer as soon as he humbled himself before God and sought knowledge, but the prince of Persia (Satan as ruler of the earth takes on the title of the current world power) delayed him for 21 days until Michael, one of the chief princes, came to assist him so he could come.  He asked Daniel if Daniel knew why he came.  He then said he had to return to fight the prince of Persia and after that the prince of Greece would come (a new attack on the children of God from Satan with a new world power).  Gabriel was going to reveal all in the book of truth to Daniel because no one stood with him except Michael (prince of the saints), so Daniel stood up to support him.

Daniel 11:

Gabriel tells Daniel that Persia will have 4 more kings and the fourth one will use its wealth to stir up trouble against Greece and be defeated.  Greece will have a great leader, but after him, his kingdom will not go to his descendants but to others and become 4 weaker kingdoms (this eventually happened in world history).  He goes on to talk about all the commotion and disorder in leadership the Europeans rulers of the earth will bring to the world between the king of the North and South, as well as their descendants.  He also talks about the slavery, colonization, and destruction of Africa (Libya, Egypt, Nubian (Sudan)) and the taking of their gold, silver, and resources, but God will destroy them at the end with no one to help him.  The evil ones know their end would come, but they want to do as they please as the supreme gods.

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