Daily Bible Verses | September 11 | Daniel 12 | Hosea 1 | Hosea 2 Daniel Prophesizes the Great Tribulation and Paradise
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Daniel 12:

Gabriel says that Michael the great price that protects the godly will arise and there will be great distress like never before, but everyone found in the book of life would be delivered.  He insists that many will rise from the grave to everlasting life while some to shame and contempt.  Those who were wise and led others to righteousness will shine like the brightness of heaven and the stars foreverHe saw two other men and one asked the other when all of these will be fulfilled, and the response was when all the will and power of the HOLY PEOPLE have been broken (so after goodness, godliness, truth, and obedience to God’s ways have been squashed is when God’s judgment will come. This is the great tribulation and I guess this is why Africans are always finding it hard to maintain no matter what.  Our will must be broken further than the yoke of slavery and colonization, apartheid, HIV/AIDS epidemic, bad puppet government, and the culture of migrant workers to other countries as cheap laborers).  Daniel was to go his way, die, resurrect, and get his inheritance.  Only the wise would understand, but the wicked will perish.

Hosea 1:

God told Hosea to go marry a prostitute because the land was guilty and adulterous.  Hosea got married and had a son.  God named the child Jezreel because God was going to punish Jehu for the massacre at Jezreel and put an end to the kingdom of Israel at Jazreel.  Hosea then had a girl and God gave her a name that meant “no more love for Israel” because God was not going to forgive Israel but will save JudahThen they had a son and God wanted the name to mean “you are not my people and I am not your God”Yet Israel will increase and be called sons of the living God.  Judah and Israel will unite under one leaderSo God made Hosea marry a prostitute and had children named to send a message to Israel.  God seems not to do anything without first establishing it on earth as a sample.

Hosea 2:

God says rebuke your mother for she is not my wife.  I will stripe her naked and make her like a desert.  She will run after her lovers but will neither find them or catch them.  Then she will say it is time to return to my husband.  She did not know that I gave her all the gifts she used for idols (Baal as her lover)I will take away all her gifts and celebrations as well as punish her for all the time she spend with her idol lovers.  I will take her to the dessert and speak to her tenderly until she calls me husband and not master, and her idols and lovers’ names are no longer on her lips.  I will make a covenant with all that will compromise her safety and she will be mine again.  Does God expect us to forgive our adulterous wives no matter what or he is just showing that he is a forgiving God?   I would like to believe it is the later.

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