Daily Bible Verses | September 12 | Hosea 3 | Hosea 4 | Hosea 5 Hosea Teaches to Love Wisdom is to Love God
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Hosea 3:

God told Hosea to go love his wife again despite the fact that she has other lovers.  God wants him to love her like God loves the Israelis despite the fact that they prefer idols and their sacred cakes (is this the same God that forbid adultery teaching us to practice it and be involved with it?).  Some Hoses bought her gifts and told her to live with him many days without being a prostitute or intimate with other men.  Israel will live many days without kings or sacrifices, but in the last days will come to seek God.  

Hosea 4:

God brings a charge against Israel because there is no love, faithfulness, or acknowledgement of God in the land.  It is filled with those who lie, murder, steal, and commit adultery.  It is because of this that the land waste away and the creatures die.  God will reject them as well as their children because they have rejected knowledge and people perish because of the lack of knowledgeSo to love God is to love knowledge and wisdom. Israel increased its wickedness, sins and idolatry as priests increased.  Israel is stubborn and love to prostitute with idols even when their drinks are gone. God is obviously not worried about alcohol, but rather the unaccountable lifestyles that is a result of focusing more on idols (money, unjust laws, discrimination, and secret societies to succeed) rather than God

Hosea 5:

God is going to punish Israel for her disobedience especially the tribe of Ephraim that has become a prostitute to idols.  All of Israel is unfaithful to God, so God will withdraw from them.  War is coming and both Judah and Ephraim will fail.  They will run to Assyria for help, but it will be in vain.  God will withdraw until they repent and seek his face.

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