Daily Bible Verses | September 13 | Hosea 6 | Hosea 7 | Hosea 8 Hosea Teaches God Prefers Love for Each Other to Offerings
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Hosea 6:

God asks Israel to return to him so that he can heal them, but he knows that their love for God never last and is meaninglessGod desires mercy and God’s acknowledgement rather than offerings and sacrifices.  The city is filled with wicked men and priest who commit murder on the roads.  The land is filled with blood and ambush of each other. A land of sin is lawless. 

Hosea 7:

They keep doing evil and they seem to forget that God sees and remembers them all.  They delight the kings with their wickedness and their princes with liesThey join hands with mockers, devour their rulers, and no one calls on GodThis is because the reward from pleasing kings and princes provide beneficial idols (money, contracts, and connection) than the quiet God that nobody has seen. Ephraim wastes his strength on meaningless activities that makes him old.  He is always looking for help from Egypt or Assyria, but never God because what he sees is stronger than the invincible God.  Destruction will come to them all.

Hosea 8:

Israel has rejected God and they say they love God, but have rejected anything good.  They choose kings and princes without God’s approval and all their plans and harvest comes to wasteThey have sold themselves to other nations, but God will gather them and let them waste away under a strong oppressive king.  Ephraim builds altar for offerings, but they are for sinning; Judah fortifies his cities, but God will send fire on them.  I will punish them and return them to Egypt (slavery).

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