Daily Bible Verses | September 14 | Hosea 9 | Hosea 10 | Hosea 11 Hosea Teaches No Peace for Israel Until They Accept Jesus
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Hosea 9:

Israel should not rejoice like other nations because they have been unfaithful to their God. This means that even idol worshipper can be happy as long as they are faithful to their godsSo it is good to be faithful, but it is better to be faithful to the only GodThey live for money from their winepresses and threshing floors (business and work to make money) but not for God.  Their profits are like the bread of mourners and their offerings will not please God.  Ephraim will return to Egypt (slave) and eat unclean food with Assyrians (searching for money as a god leads to abomination for the sake of wealth).  On the day of celebration, their friends (Egypt) will gather them to be burnt and all their monetary idols will be taken from them.  Israel has become so wicked that even prophets and inspired men are called fools and maniacs. 

Hosea 10:

Israel prospered so they built more altar and adorned their sacred precious stones (money and idols).  God will destroy their altars and sacred stones.  They will say they have no king because they disobeyed God, but what can God even do for them if God was their king (compared to what idols (money, unjust laws, secret societies) do for them)?  Israel now takes false oaths and make agreements (secret societies) that bring about poisonous lawsuits all over the land.  All their idols will be taken away and war will run them over.  It is because Israel relied on its strength and army that war will devastate them and destroy the king of Israel completely. Nations that rely on their army as their god and strength over others shall be devastated.

Hosea 11:

I took Israel as my child, brought her out of Egyptian slavery, but she runs after idols as if idols were the ones who loved her.  Will they not be slaves to others (spirit of ingratitude)?  Swords will never leave them and God will not listen to their cries.  Why will God give Ephraim and Israel up completely?  God will not pour all his wrath on them.  God will gather them from distant lands after their punishment and settle them in Canaan (their home after they accept Jesus).

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