Daily Bible Verses | September 17 | Amos 1 | Amos 2 | Amos 3 Amos Teaches God Destroys the Unjust and Greedy
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Amos 1:

Amos was a shepherd and God told him that God was going to punish Damascus for what they did to Gilead and the people of Syria shall go into exile.  God was also going to punish the remnants of Philistine.  God was going to punish Tyre because, just like the Syrians, they delivered captives to Edom (descendants of Esau).   God was going to punish Edom for pursuing and killing his brother without mercy or pity (Jacob/Israel).  God was also going to punish the Ammonites because they opened the bellies of pregnant women just for the sake of expanding their borders.  They will be destroyed in battle and their royal families exiled.  You will always pay for your sins and a woman with child should never be touched even in war.

Amos 2:

God will punish Moab for burning the bones of Edom�s king to lime.  Moab will be conquered in battle and their kings as well as their princes will be killed.  God was going to punish Judah and destroy Jerusalem with fire because they have rejected God for the evil ways of their fathers.  God was going to punish Israel for selling the righteous for money (lie against the godly for profit) and the needy for slippers (denying the poor justice as insignificant)Father and son sleep with the same woman, take pledges at every altar, and drink wine in God�s house with unjust fines.  God will destroy the Amorites from their roots to their high fruits.  God observes and remembers every deed. God judges a community because of their way of life and laws, but judges individuals when their act is unique from the community.

Amos 3:

God was going to punish the entire house of Israel that God brought out of Egypt (Judah and Israel) for their sins despite they are the only ones God has chosen of all the families of the earth.  Does disaster come to a city unless God allows it and is a trumpet of war blown and the people of the land not fear?  God does nothing without first informing his servants (prophets)God was going to punish all of Israel because they no longer know how to do good and because they now live for the laws of idolatry (profits, money, unjust laws, discrimination) rather than God.  God allows both good and evil.

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

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