Daily Bible Verses | September 18 | Amos 4 | Amos 5 | Amos 6 Amos Teaches God Wants Israel to Embrace Justice and Fairness
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Amos 4:

God was going to punish the women of Israel (Samaria the capital) and God calls them cows because they oppress the poor and needy, as well as demand from their husbands what to drink.  God was going to take them away in hooks.  God mocks them to multiply their transgressions and also bring their tithe and offering every three days for publicity.  Despite all the miracles and punishment God did for Israel, Israel still refused to follow and acknowledge God.

Amos 5:

God says Israel is a virgin that has fallen to rise no more and her cities will be reduced from thousands to hundreds and to tens.  God instructs Israel to turn to God rather than idols, as well as to embrace justice and fairnessIsrael was always going to mourn and wail because they are determined not to follow their God who made them what they are

Amos 6:

Woe to those who feel secure in Jerusalem (Judah) and the mountains of Samaria (Israel). God also wants to know if they feel that their kingdom is greater than the Philistines.  Woe to those who sleep on ivory beds, eat lambs among the flock, sing idle songs of praise, and anoint themselves with fine oilThese people will be the first to go to exile (those who put their faith and security in their wealth rather than in God).  God is against the pride of the house of Jacob (all Israel) and its stronghold.  Their houses will be empty and when a relative asked for anyone else, the only survival will caution that the name of God should not be mentioned (Israel will now be in fear of their God)

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