Daily Bible Verses | September 19 | Amos 7 | Amos 8 | Amos 9 Amos Teaches God Says Israel Like Sudan-Ethiopia
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Amos 7:

God sent locust to eat the harvest of Israel and used a plumb line to show that God will not stand for Israel again.  Israel will be wasted and lie desolate by the sword; even the house of King Jeroboam of Israel shall perish by the sword.  The same priest, who went to report Amos to King Jeroboam about Amos saying God would destroy the king�s house, now went to advice Amos to flee to Judah and prophesize over there and not in IsraelAmos then told the priest that he was not a prophet but a shepherd and fig farmer, but God chose him to bring God�s word to IsraelAmos then declared that the priest wife will become a prostitute, his children fall by the sword, his land will be divided, and he will die in a foreign land because Israel will go into exile.

Amos 8:

God has given up on Israel and would never support them again.  Israel will be filled with mourning, wailing, death, and silence.  God said to those who enjoy trampling on the poor and needy as well as those driven by making money (selling on the Sabbath, making dishonest scales, encouraging slavery, and providing inferior food for gain) that God was going to destroy them and toss them away like rubbish.  A day was coming to Israel where there will be famine for the word of God.  People will seek the word of God but will not find it. 

Amos 9:

God stood by the altar and said that the capitals should be broken and the rest of the land be destroyed by the sword until there are no survivors or fugitive.  God says Israelis are like the children of Sudan/Ethiopia to God and God had rescued them from Egypt, Philistines, and Arameans.  God was going to destroy the sinful nations, but Israel will not be destroyed totally.  God will later restore Israel. 

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