Daily Bible Verses | September 2 | Ezekiel 33 | Ezekiel 34 | Ezekiel 35 Ezekiel Teaches God Does No Harm Without Warnings
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Ezekiel 33:

God told Ezekiel to tell his people that when the sword of God is coming against any nation and their chosen watchman blows the trumpet of warning, but the people refuse to act, then their blood will be on their own head.  If the watchman does not sound the trumpet of warning, then the watchman will be responsible for their blood.  God made Ezekiel the watchman for Israel and he will be responsible for the death of any wicked man God has sentenced to death and he failed to warn him to change his ways.  God tells Ezekiel to warn Israel to repent from their wickedness.  God is just because the wicked that repents will live and the righteous than begins to sin will dieSin and wickedness is a way of life that brings you benefit against the interest of your family or community.

Ezekiel 34:

God tells Ezekiel to prophesize against the shepherds for taking care of themselves only and forsaking the sheep.  They do not bother to feed or strengthen them, or trying to recover those that went astray.  Now the sheep are scattered everywhere to become food for wild beasts.  God says God will be shepherd to his own people, search for them from all the nations they were scattered to (slavery/post-colonial effect), and bring them back to their own land (Africa).  Then God will judge them and separate the sheep from the goats.  God will take care of them, provide them safety, and no one will be afraid of them nor will they ever see famine again.

Ezekiel 35:

God tells Ezekiel to prophesize against Mount Seir because God was going to make her town desolate due to the calamity of the sword they brought to IsraelIt was because they also rejoiced at the fall of Israel that Mout Seir and all of Edom will fall.

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