Daily Bible Verses | September 21 | Jonah 3 | Jonah 4 | Micah 1 Jonah Teaches God Forgave Nineveh Because of Repentance
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Jonah 3:

God then instructed Johan again to go to Nineveh and inform them to change their wicked ways.  Nineveh was an important commercial capital of Assyria (northern Iraq) and was in the trade route between the Mediterranean sea and the Indian ocean just by the Tigris river.  Genesis 10: 8-12 tells us that the descendants of Ethiopia (Cush) built Assyria and NinevehOn the day Jonah arrived, he told Nineveh that their city will fall in 40 days, so the people fasted and repented.  Even their king got up from his throne, dressed in sackcloth, sat in the dust, decreed that neither man nor animal should eat, and they were all to pray to God so that God could have mercy on them.  So God changed his mind after he saw how they repented and changed from their evil ways.

Jonah 4:

God’s forgiveness of Nineveh angered JonahIn fact, it was because he knew that God would forgive them that he initially ran away from warning Nineveh to repent (so Jonah disliked the people of Nineveh and wanted their destruction)He even requested that he die rather than live to see God’s forgiveness of Nineveh.  God asked Jonah if he had any right to be angry.  Jonah then went east of the city to see what became of it.  God made a vine grow over Jonah’s location to provide shade, which made Jonah happy.  The next day, God made a worm eat up the vine and made the sun dehydrate Jonah.  Jonah requested death again.  God soon made it clear to Jonah that Jonah care for a vine he neither planted nor make grow, so God has to be concerned about Nineveh with 120,000 people who innocently went astray.  So the way of life or culture of a place is more important to God than just good individuals that live there.

Micah 1:

Micah prophesized against Samaria (Israel) and Jerusalem (Judah).  God is coming down and even the mountains melt because of Israel’s transgressions and Judah’s idol altars.  God was going to turn Samaria into rubbles and destroy the idols because she gathered her gifts from prostitutes.  It is because of this that Micah will mourn and wail to the gates of Jerusalem.  A conqueror will take over Israel. 

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