Daily Bible Verses | September 24 | Nahum 1 | Nahum 2 | Nahum 3 Nahum Teaches Guilty Never Goes Unpunished With God
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Nahum 1:

God is jealous, avenging, and he avenges his foes.  God is slow to anger, great in power, and the guilty never goes unpunished.  God is good and is a great refuge for those who trust in him.  God will end Nineveh with an overwhelming flood because it plots wickedness and evil against God. God is going to destroy their idols and leave no descendants to bear their name because they are vile.  Judah must rejoice because the wicked and godless will never invade againNineveh was part of Assyria, who was one of the oppressors of Judah, and after God used Jonah to forgive them for their wickedness they went back again to doing evil even against God.  

Nahum 2:

An attacker advances against Nineveh, but God will restore Judah from its ruin.  Nineveh will prepare for war with its best warriors, but they will stumble, the gates open, and their palace collapseNineveh will be emptied of all her treasures and all its citizens exiled as slaves (about 200 years after Jonah).  Could it be that African slavery was a result of our disobedience and wickedness towards God?

Nahum 3:

Woe to Nineveh the city of blood.  It is never without victims, lies, or plunder.  There will be corpse all over the land because of their lust for harlots, as well as enslaving nations for prostitution and peoples by her witchcraft.  God is going to show Nineveh’s shame and nakedness to the world so that all will flee from her disgrace.  Nineveh was not greater than Thebes, which was surrounded by the Nile River for defense and also had Egypt, Sudan/Ethiopia (Cush), Put, and Libya as her allies, and yet was taken captive and exiledEveryone who hears the fall of Assyria & its capital,Nineveh, will clap their hands at their fall because they all felt its cruelty

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