Daily Bible Verses | September 25 | Habakkuk 1 | Habakkuk 2 | Habakkuk 3 Habakkuk Teaches Reparations a Decree from God Against Oppressors
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Habakkuk 1:

How long shall I cry for help and God does not answer?  There is violence and injustice.  The wicked oppress the godly and justice is denied.  God told him not to worry because God was going to do something no one has seen before.  God was raising the Babylonians, a ruthless and guilty people, whose strength was their god, to sweep across all the godless lands. So all godless nations will be overran by another godless nation, so evil destroys evil.  Habakkuk complains again that God was silent against the wicked, who were ordained to execute judgment and  to punish, but instead they swallow up the godly and destroy the nations.  

Habakkuk 2:

God tells Habakkuk to write down the revelation that will never fail.  God tells him that the righteous shall live by faith, but the wicked and godless is betrayed by wine because they are arrogant but never restThey are greedy like the graves and like death, are never satisfiedThe wicked gather all the nations as their captives (slavery & colonization).  Then the nations taken captive will rise against the wicked as creditors to demand what is rightfully theirs and the wicked nations will now become their victimSo Arabia and Europe will pay reparations for African slavery and colonization says God, but Africa must arise to demand itCursed are those who build on unjust gain and bloodshed, and establish cities on crime.  Disgrace to him who gets others drunk in order to see their nakedness.  Of what value is a man-made idol (money, precious metal) that has no breathe in it?

Habakkuk 3:

Habakkuk calls on God with reverence to do a great deed in his day.  He wonders if God was angry with the rivers, streams, and seas, when he rode by in victory.  The sun and moon stood still when arrows and spears flow to conquered the wicked nations and saved God’s anointed ones. He would wait for the day calamity will fall on nations that will invade them.  Despite the fact that they have no harvest or meat, he will rejoice in God because God elevates him (the godly). Even in victory, you lose things at war.  God assisted in defeating an enemy, but crops and meat were lost.  No matter the bad times, you are still victorious in God and you will always see the wicked fall because they always labor in vain.  Be patient and do what is right, because you will always look back with a smile.

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

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