Daily Bible Verses | September 27 | Haggai 1 | Haggai 2 | Zechariah 1 Haggai Teaches Reexamine Life If Input Outweighs Output
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Haggai 1:

While under the colonization of Persia (King Darius), God used prophet Haggai to speak to the sons of the governor of Judah (only Judah and Benjamin of the 12 tribes of Israel) and the high priest. God wanted his house to be rebuilt from the rubbles of Babylonian destruction, but the people where more interested in building their paneled houses than God’s houseGod wants Judah to re-examine their ways because they have planted much but harvested little, ate but are not full, have clothes but are not warm, earned much but their purses or bank accounts have holes (you have to re-examine your life, friends, habits whenever your output does not justify your input).  God called a drought on the land, crops, and animals because the people refused to build God’s house or honor God.  The people of Judah repented and began to rebuild God’s house. 

Haggai 2:

God wanted them to build his temple to the same standard and glory before its destructionGod says that the glory of this new temple will be greater than the old one and from there the peace and the desires of all nation will be metGod said because the people were defiled by their ways so God did not bless them with much for their labor through drought, dew, blight, and hail.  Now God was going to bless them if they dedicated themselves to God.  God was so pleased with Zerubbabel, son of the Governor of Judah, for his effort towards God’s houseGod declared that for his sake he was going to shake heaven and the earth, overthrow royal thrones and foreign nations, as well as make him God’s signet ring because God has chosen himMay you be a Zerubbabel in God’s eyes for your community and nation.

Zechariah 1:

God was very angry with his people (Judah and not Israel) and demanded that they return to God so that God could return to them. God warned them not to be like their ancestors who were proudly disobedient.  God destroyed their ancestors and they repented because they deserved what they got as God promised due to lack of repentance.  Zechariah had a vision where he saw a man riding a red horse by the myrtle trees and behind him where red, brown, and white horses.  The man then explained that they were the ones God had sent to ride throughout the earth and they reported to the angel among the myrtle trees that their mission was accomplished and the earth was at peace.  The angel then asked God why Judah had no mercy from God in 70 years, then God replied the angel.  The angel the told Zechariah that God was angry with the peaceful nations for adding to Judah’s calamity and God was going to rebuild his house in Judah and bring Judah prosperity.  Zechariah then saw four horns and four craftsmen, and inquired about themGod told him that these where the four nations (Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome) that destroyed Jerusalem, Judah, and Israel, as well as prevented Judah from risingGod also said that the craftsmen where coming to throw down these nations that colonized and enslaved God’s people of Judah (not Israel). 

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