Daily Bible Verses | September 28 | Zechariah 2 | Zechariah 3 | Zechariah 4 Zechariah Teaches New Jerusalem for All Nations Not Just Jews
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Zechariah 2:

In a vision, Zechariah saw a man with a measuring line going to measure the length and width of Jerusalem, and the former angel was replaced by another.  The new angel told Zechariah that Jerusalem was going to be a city without walls because of the amount of people and livestock in it and that God will be the wall of fire around it and his glory within it.  God sent Zechariah to inform the people to run away from Babylon and after they have re-dedicated themselves to God, God will go against all the nations that once oppressed them.   So Blacks and Africans need to re-dedicate themselves to God.  Rejoice Jerusalem because God will live among you and other nations will come join in to be with GodJudah (not Israel) will be God’s holy land and its capital of Jerusalem will again be chosen by God.  Be still before God all of mankind because God has aroused himself from his holy dwelling.  So it is stupid for Christians to be faithful to Israel todayGod has ignored and rejected Israel in favor of Judah, who only has two of the 12 tribes of Israel/Jacob (Judah and Benjamin)Judah and Jerusalem will be the new Israel, comprising of many godly people that are chosen from all nations (who have accepted Jesus)

Zechariah 3:

Zechariah then saw Joshua/Jeshua (I believe Jesus as in Yeshua, his actual name), the high priest, standing before the angel of God with Satan accusing him on his right sideGod then rebuked Satan in God and Jerusalem’s nameThe angel then commanded those around to take off his filthy clothes that represented all the sins of the world and clothed him in rich garmentsGod made the high priest understand that if he always stayed with God, he will govern God’s house, court, and be a member of his realm.  The high priest and his people where symbolic of things to come.  The high priest was given a branch and on the stone with seven eyes in front of him was engraved that God will remove the sins of this land in a single dayGod was preparing Jesus for his mission on earth in front of SatanJesus was to come and take away the sins of the world and Satan did not like it.  

Zechariah 4:

The angel then woke Zechariah and he saw a gold lamp-stand with a bowl on top, seven lights on it with seven channels, and two olive trees to the right and left of the bowl.  The angel explained to Zechariah that these were the spiritual manifestation of God’s word to Zerubbabel.  Even a mountain would become level ground to Zerubabbel and he would bring up the capstone to the shouts of “God bless it”. Zerubabbel laid the foundation of God’s temple, his hands will complete it, and men will rejoice to see the plumb line (instrument used by builders to show vertical direction) in his hands.  The seven eyes (lights) are the eyes of God that watches the whole earth and the two olive branches beside the two gold pipes that poured out golden oil were the two anointed to serve the new Lord of the earth (Jesus).

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