Daily Bible Verses | September 30 | Zechariah 8 | Zechariah 9 | Zechariah 10 Zechariah Teaches New Jew is Follower of God Through Jesus
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Zechariah 8:

God was jealous for Jerusalem, will return there to dwell, and it will be called the city of truthGod will bring his people (godly people) from all nations to dwell in peace away from the wicked nation with old and young playing together on the streets.  God reminded them of the prophets words to build the temple, but was not possible because God set them against each other.  Now, God is determine to do good by them, make their harvest abundant, and give peace as long as they spoke the truth, gave sound judgment in court, do not do evil, or swear falsely because God hates all theseGod says many people from other nation will come to know and be with God in JerusalemTen men will hold a Jew and say go with us because we know that God is with you. A Jew at this time is a godly person from any nation that love and knows God.

Zechariah 9:

God is against Damascus, Tyre and Sidon (all in modern Syria).  Despite the fact that Tyre gathers gold like dirt, silver like dust, and has skillfully built a stronghold, God was still going to destroy her at sea, consume her with fire, and take away all her possessions (warning to the powerful wicked nations that like money and unjust laws over morality towards their fellowman)Gaza, Ashkelon, and Ekron, all of the Philistines, will fall.  God will remove instruments of war from Judah and Ephraim because God will rule over them and protect them. 

Zechariah 10:

Ask only God for rain because it is God that makes storm clouds and not idols that deceive or diviners that see lies, dream falsely, or comfort in vainGod will punish the bad leaders, but will uphold Judah and make them proud winner at war because God is with them.  God will strengthen Judah, save Joseph, and make Ephraim mighty.  Assyria and Egypt will lose their glory, but Judah will be strengthened and walk with God.

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

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