Daily Bible Verses | September 4 | Ezekiel 39 | Ezekiel 40 | Ezekiel 41 Ezekiel Teaches Oppressed Will Loot Oppressors Later
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Ezekiel 39:

God says that he is against Magog and it will fall in the mountains of Israel.  They will be food for the birds as well as the beast, and God will set fire on their land.  For 7 years, their shield, bows, arrows, clubs, and spear will be used by Israel as fuel because they will be no longer need to gather wood (Israel will use Magog armor to fuel their economy for 7 years).  Israel will now plunder and loot those who plundered and looted them before (every resource and wealth taken out of Africa will be returned declared God)Magog will have Israel as it burial ground and Israel will be employed for 7 months cleaning the land from their dead (The great nations will fall in Africa and their death will bring employment to the people for 7 months).  Birds of all kinds will gather and eat their flesh.  The nations shall know that I am God and the God of Israel.

Ezekiel 40:

25 years into Israel’s exile and fall of Jerusalem, God took Ezekiel to the land of Israel and placed him on a mountain. God is patient. He saw what looked like a city and a man of bronze, who had a measuring rod in his hand.  The man told him to observe carefully and inform Israel about it.  The man measured the east gate to the outer court, the outer court, the north gate, the south gate, gates to the inner courts, the rooms for preparing sacrifices, rooms for the priests, and the temple.

Ezekiel 41:

The man of bronze measures the entire temple.  God is specific in what he does.

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