Daily Bible Verses | September 6 | Ezekiel 45 | Ezekiel 46 | Ezekiel 47 Ezekiel Teaches African Egypt is the Origin of Israel and Jews
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Ezekiel 45:

God give a measurement of what his sanctuary should be whenever land is apportioned.  God also gave the princes their share of land so that they can no longer oppress the people.  God also gives instructions on offerings and holy days.  So God hates dishonesty and oppression of others.

Ezekiel 46:

God says that the gate of the inner court of the sanctuary facing the east is to be shut for 6 days, but opened for the prince on the Sabbath.  The prince (son of the current king) is to give offering and gifts to God.  So, all titles and responsibilities belong to GodUse it wisely.

Ezekiel 47:

There was water flowing out from underneath the temple towards the east from the south side of the temple and south side of the altar.  The bronze man measured it and the water became a river that was so deep that no one could cross it.  There where varieties of trees by the river bank and the water flowed east towards the Arabah (Jordan Valley) from where it enters the sea and becomes fresh water.  There will be prosperous amounts of fishes, animals, people, trees, and fruits wherever this river flows because it come from the sanctuary of God.  God then divided the land equally among the 12 tribes of Israel with Joseph getting two portions (so 13 parts.  I believe Joseph is rewarded because Joseph basically gave birth to the cultural identity of the Jewish nation through his slavery and prosperity in EgyptWhen God talks about the history of Israel and the origin of their relationship with God as a people, God always starts from how he brought them out of Egyptian slavery despite his promise to Abraham originally).  Always try to honor God in your ways and God will reward you and your descendants forever.

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