Daily Bible Verses | September 7 | Ezekiel 48 | Daniel 1 | Daniel 2 Daniel Teaches Godly Shall Be Elevated Anywhere
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Ezekiel 48:

God divided the land among the tribes of Israel and Joseph did get his two portions as God instructed through Ephraim and Manasseh.  God also set the exit gates and the name of the city became “The Lord is There”.

Daniel 1:

Nebuchadnezzar, the idol worshipping king of Babylon, conquered Jerusalem with God’s help and took God’s treasures from the temple to his god’s house in Babylon.  The king instructed that some of the men captured from Israel, who were within the royal family with some aptitude for learning and without physical defect, be trained for 3 years and were to serve the king afterwardsThey were to learn Babylonian  culture, literature, as well as language, and they also had their names changedDaniel refused to eat royal food and requested vegetables with water instead for 10 days for himself and his 3 friends At the end of 10 days, the four men looked better than those who ate the royal food, so they feed them vegetables and water. The four men grew in wisdom and understanding, and Daniel excelled in understanding vision and dreams.  Soon the king selected all four men to work in the palace because they were wiser that most candidates.  Daniel’s service even outlived the reign of Nebuchadnezzar and ended in the time of King Cyrus (Media and Persia)When God favors you, you will even thrive above your enemies on their soil.  The post-colonial slavery effect that has sent Africans around the world as migrant workers will make them rulers of their new home.  God also rewards you when you stick to principles rather than what is popular and enticing.  Daniel rejected the royal food for his vegetables.  This showed his mindset and character before God.

Daniel 2:

King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream that worried him terribly. He wanted all his wise men to tell him the dream and then interpret it.  Unfortunately, none of his magicians, enchanters, sorcerers, and astrologers were able to tell him the dream, so the king ordered that all the wise men should be put to death, including Daniel.  So Daniel, along with his 3 friends, prayed to God and God revealed the King’s dream to themDaniel went to the king and told the king of a God in heaven that reveals all mysteriesDaniel talks about a greats statue that had a head of gold (Babylonian empire), chest and arms of silver (Media and Persia empires), belly and thighs of bronze (Greek empire), legs of iron (Roman empire), and feet of iron and clay (British and American empire)A stone (Jesus) came and struck the feet of the great statue and the entire statue broken into pieces.  Then a wind swept them all away without a trace and the stone become a huge mountain that filled the earth.  Daniel makes it clear to the king that God was going to establish his kingdom forever after God ends the other ones.  The king was so pleased with God and Daniel that he elevated Daniel and his 3 friends to administrators in BabylonGod created a dream that took Daniel from slave to ruler of a province in the land of captivity.  All those unjustly in captivity will overcome and rule their oppressors.

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