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Daniel 3:

King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon set up a huge idol of gold and called all his officers and nobles to come to its dedication.  They were to fall down and worship the idol as soon as they heard the musical instruments or be thrown into a furnace of fire.  This they did, but some officers came to the king to accuse the Jewish administrators for not following the king’s orders and they used Daniel’s three friends as example.  So the king called Daniel’s friends, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, and told them to worship the idol or be thrown into a furnace of fire.  The three friends told the king that they had no interest in serving the golden idol even if God does not save them, but they believed that God will.  The king was angry and commanded the heat of the furnace to be increase seven time.  Even the soldiers who throw Daniel’s friends into the furnace died.  The king then stood up in amazement because he now saw four men walking around in the fire unharmed instead of threeThe king then approached the three men calling them “servants of the most high God” and telling them to come out of the fireWhen they did, there was no sign or smell of fire on themThe king was so impressed with them that he elevated them in rank and ordered the destruction of any one who spoke against them or their God because they chose to defend their God and culture with their lives than to betray it for the acceptance of others.  This is why African slavery and neglect is still persistent today.  Africans are very quick to join others in order to survive rather than to work and trade together in order to be elevated above others.  The three friends were so united in their beliefs and way of life that even the king of their enemies passed a law in their favor against himself and his people.  When last did the world or any country pass a law strictly for the economic, social, or political benefit of Blacks without grave opposition, if any at all even on African soil?  Now, even the king cannot oppose them publicly from getting or doing whatever they wantThis is the true meaning of unity is powerUnity is not just people standing together, but rather, united in a common belief to do what is right on behalf of their people and God.

Daniel 4:

King Nebuchadnezzar had another dream of a tree that was huge and touched heaven.  There was enough food in it for everyone, bird lived in it, and animals got shelter from underneath it.  Soon, a holy messenger came and ordered the tree to be cut down so that it could be humbled to the level of animals and grass, chained like a man, drenched in rain, and in 7 years be restored.  Daniel says that the tree is the king who was so powerful that he reached heaven (controlled much land, people, and resources), but God was going to humbled him to live with animals and eat grass for 7 years until he submitted to God as the only authority who places and dethrone any other authorityThis happened, the king repented, was restored, and became a worshipper of God.  God will and can humble any powerful nation, company, or person.

Daniel 5:

King Belshazzar, son of Nebuchadnezzar, became king.  He had a great feast with all his nobles, wives, and concubines.  He also ordered that the treasure that Nebuchadnezzar had taken from God’s temple in Jerusalem be brought so that they could drink wine with them. Suddenly, a hand started writing on his wall, which terrified the king.  So the King brought all his wise men to read the message and promised them a purple robe, golden chain, and third in command, but none could read the message.  So the queen mother spoke to him of Daniel back in his father’s days that could tell dreams (many years must have gone by for Daniel on the national scene), so they brought Daniel in, but he rejected the gift in exchange for service (the more riches you have, the less spiritual you are).  Daniel told the king that the God that made his father great and humbled him after he got too arrogant, was the one who sent the message because the king has set himself against God.  He is not only worshipping idols, money, and treasures, but is even drinking from God’s treasures.  Daniel told him that the writing says his days are coming to an end, he was wanted, and his kingdom now belonged to Medes and Persia. The king gave Daniel all that he promised including third in command.  That very night, the king was killed and Darius of Medes took over the kingdom.  God is real and does not play.  He is just patiently waiting for us to do right.

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